Has The Daily Mail Stired The Hornets Nest?

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anotheoldgit | 16:25 Sun 06th Oct 2013 | News
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Oh dear the Daily Mail has certainly upset the Left, and out they have come, the Unions, even the Children, and of course so as not to miss a good protest the Muslims.

Be interesting to know if the NUJ turned up?


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I abhore the practice of taking children on any kind of march carrying banners with mesages they do not understand.

AOG, why did the Daily Mail apologise for anything? Was it because some left-wingers were up in arms? Well, it doesn't normally apologise when that happens. Can you think of an example ? So, why this time?

Oh how can I put it...

The Daily Mail is a right wing newspaper, with a right wing readership. If you care to look at any story concerning politics, you will see its readership concurring with the right wing spin out onto the story.

This story however, is different.

The Daily Mail readers have revolted against the paper.

...and with the story trundling on, Daily Mail readers continue to be revolting.
Also AOG, you wrote:

"take yourself you regularly post a Daily Mail link"

Could you please stop lying to make a point. It's irritating.
AOG, did you agree with the Mail in what it said in the Ralph Miliband articles ? I appreciate that you didn't like what some people said about Lady Thatcher, but what did you think of the Mail and what it said?

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Has The Daily Mail Stired The Hornets Nest?

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