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anotheoldgit | 13:55 Sun 06th Oct 2013 | News
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Will the new National Crime Agency (NCA) due to be launched tomorrow, be more successful in catching the criminals, than our present police services?


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Don't know, give 'em a chance, they haven't started yet!
Hope they try anything and everything in their power to stop these criminals - dreading New Years day when we will be expected to greet half of Romania - hope the "No housing and no benefits" is firmly in place by then.
No it won't happen. They will be thwarted by PC liberal judges and the ECHR at the last fence.

Well they must be up and running

Oops . . . .Try again!

Well they must be up and running by now aog, so how are they doing?
// They will be thwarted by PC liberal judges and the ECHR at the last fence. //

More likely they'll be twarted by rabid anti-europe types trying to pull us out of the European arrest warrants and Europol!

'Cause that's really going to help them isn't it!

Going back to the cost-del crime days with criminals sipping sangria by the poolside while British police try to extradite them through Spanish courts!
they've been up and running for over 20 minutes and have already deported more than a million foreign thugs, Baldric, so it's looking good.

Must have missed that jno, well done them!
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the police force deal with them, and didn't we have Interpol before Europol, what a drab name, as to foreign gangs, they are a scourge not just in UK but across Europe, let us hope this new agency has success, they go to prison and we can get rid of the bstards when the time comes.
that is the the crooks, schemers, people traffickers, gang masters, and organised drug crime bosses, we don't need more of these creatures.
and if anyone noticed the fact that it was a Tunisian who was guiding the poor Africans who drowned trying to get to Italy recently, he had already been deported from France once.....

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Britain's Fbi

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