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Coldicote | 13:25 Sat 28th Sep 2013 | News
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There is much in the news about the United Kingdom Independence Party and its increasing membership. I don’t say they wouldn’t do a good job in government, but what worries me is the prospect of leaving the United Nations, which had its beginnings at the end of World War 2 and was created to prevent war happening again. I am concerned to know more of UKIP’s vision of a future outside United Nations. What are your views? The following link mght be of interest:


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UKiP do not want to leave the UN. They want to withdraw our signature from the Human Rights Treaties. We can still be a member of the UN, Nato, the European Trading Organisation without signing up to human right legislation.

Coldicote. You can sleep safely tonight, in the knowledge that UKIP, or BNP -in-Blazers as they are some times known, will never form a government of Britain at any time in the near or distant future, thus protecting all aspects of our membership of the UN.
"in the knowledge that UKIP, or BNP -in-Blazers"

Why would you call UKIP 'BNP in blazers?'
Question Author
I'm not sure you are right Gromit - I hope you are. The more deeply I read into this the more concerned I become. Have a look at
It includes the following - 'UKIP alone holds that the rescue of the British people depends on withdrawal from the EU to regain our self-governing democracy.............' Is it possible to withdraw from the the European Union without also withdrawing from the United Nations? Most of the wartime problems were centred on Europe.
Once again coldicote, there is no need for alarm. No British political party that has any chance of winning a general election, ie only Labour or Tory, will ever withdraw us from the UN.
I agree with dave...fruitcakes, loonies and closet-racists.
"fruitcakes, loonies and closet-racists"

all because they are the only party that is prepared to say and do anything to try and save our countrys identity from the blight of immigration, and which the fruitcakes fromthe loony left are happy to throw away.

people like you mikey are nothing but closet traitors, give you a real chance and you would sell us down the river, not that you aretn already doing your best.

why dont you go and live in africa or somewhere similar if you thinks its so great to be surrounded by them.
"Closet traitors..."

Oh shut up baz. Your not-so-subtle racism has no place in modern Britain.
Have you seen that Farage bloke ? And still you want him as your PM ? Are you taking the tablets ?
I like Nige.
Leaving the UN (or indeed the UN ceasing to exist) would be no great tragedy. If the UN was created to prevent wars it has been singularly unsuccessful in that aim. It produces lots of “communiqués” and hot air and waffle, but as far as getting anything done goes, it can only be done when Russia, China, France the US and UK all agree. And that rarely happens. (Just recently an “agreement” on a way forward to tackle the Syrian crisis was announced - and that took almost three years).

“Is it possible to withdraw from the the European Union without also withdrawing from the United Nations?”

Er…I think it just might be, Coldicote. Since, of the 193 independent nation states that are members of the UN, only 27 are in the EU, I don’t think membership of the EU is a requirement for UN membership.

It’s strange that UKIP are referred to by some as “loonies and fruitcakes”. Of course wanting to decide who may and may not settle in one’s country, to determine one’s own laws without having them overridden by unelected foreign judges of dubious distinction and to stop making vast payments to a corrupt organisation which has no transparency or accountability to those paying is the height of insanity. Silly me!
agree with NJ on this, wars have been raging on and off for years, if the UN does any good at all why does it not intervene, get people round the table to negotiate, because it doesn't have any real power, as pointed out it's the main players like the US, Russia and indeed China that hold the cards, not the UN. Look at the state Syria is in and Egypt still, they are all in crisis, has the UN been able to lessen the killings in any way whatsoever, it would seem not.
amazing people call UKIP loonies and fruitcakes, most of them i suspect are nothing of the sort, perhaps they are simply tired of seeing UK being torn apart from useless bureaucracy from Brussels and beyond, and would like to see an end to our involvement on this ever more costly and revolving merry go round
Well said jim360.
Yes, well said jim.
You've said what I have been too polite to say for some time :-)

As for ukip, I don't see any evidence that they want to take Britain out of the UN. Membership of the EU and the UN are nothing to do with each other. Otherwise how do you explain the fact that the majority of the world's nations belong to one and not the other.

Anyway, I sincerely hope and certainly believe that whatever ukip wants is irrelevant as they will never be in a position to do anything about it. Leaving the EU is something I am totally opposed to, but I am relaxed about that compared with the prospect of ukip ever having anything remotely ressembling power. seems that you have hoisted by your own petard ::::

"why dont you go and live in africa or somewhere similar if you thinks its so great to be surrounded by them."

Excuse the bad grammar !
""Closet traitors..."

Oh shut up baz. Your not-so-subtle racism has no place in modern Britain"


modern Britain...oh you mean the one where people like you and mikey are happy to see the displacement of the white population and youve got the front to call everybody else racist

you couldnt make it up

so where will you draw the line , when will you say enough is enough then ?
I won't draw the line ever. If that is how the country changes so be it. Change is usually healthier than stagnation. I don't feel threatened by people because of the colour of their skin. What a pathetic way to judge whom to fear.

There is no active attempt to displace the White population anyway. It's all in your head. How sad that you have learned to hate so many people.

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