Is This The Future Of High Speed Transport?

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ToraToraTora | 12:36 Mon 12th Aug 2013 | News
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Sounds a bit like the "pig" capsule in "The living Daylights"!


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don't know, but wouldn't fancy being the crash test dummy.. is that a name by the way, elon musk, sounds like a fancy perfume.
If this ever comes to fruition, I shall eat my hat !
Presumably it burns liquid hydogen and the emmissions will be water.

Not sure what G-Forces accelerating to 700mph+ and deccelerating will put on the body. It might not be very comfortable.

I read somewhere that he proposed powering the hyperloop with solar panels, but you would need to read Musks more detailed proposals to find out chapter and verse.

It does sound basically like the rail gun concept, and I am not at all sure i would be comfortable as a passenger being the bullet fired down the very long barrel of a gun :)
I wondered about this when it was just being trailed, without details, as the next big thing in transport and, now that it has been revealed, I still reckon that's on a par with the video I included there.

Those 9 huge engines at the back do not look like they are solar powered.
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They'll be using Inertial dampers gromit, surely!
@Gromit - I am just going on what i read in the Telegraph, and on Elon Musks own words on the wiki page on this Hyperloop idea, where he says

"And it would cost you much less than an air ticket or car, much less than any other mode of transport, because the fundamental energy cost is so much lower. And I think we could actually make it self-powering if you put solar panels on it, [...] you generate more power than you would consume in the system. There's a way to store the power so it would run 24/7 without using batteries. [...] Yes, [this is possible,] absolutely.
—Elon Musk, July 12, 2012[4]"

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Is This The Future Of High Speed Transport?

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