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well, go to 't foot of our stairs!
Bloody hell, what a surprise.
I saw a report that there was a large % of voters who had their age recorded as over 100 , this in a country that has a life expectancy of 34 years. Plus there were reports that there was a 'shortage of ballot papers' in many areas and people could not vote. Surprisingly all the 'shortage' areas were ones where the opposition was expected to win.
It's nice to see a leader so popular and competent that he keeps getting re-elected time and time again by his grateful electorate. Even more remarkable given the fact that he's nearly 130.

LOL @ ludwig
I wanted to simply write "stap me vitals" but thought I'd better Google it, to make sure it's as rude as I thought it was.

I found this...

Nothing new then
You wonder what motivates this old loony. Is power still important at his age? It can't be easy running a dictatorship. Surely there comes a time when you'd prefer to sit in the corner with a mug of cocoa and nod off?
It must be addictive - power I mean.
//Even more remarkable given the fact that he's nearly 130.//

Heh heh. I reckon he uses the same hair-dye as Berlusconi.

Apparently, there were plenty of voters aged 100+ and another bunch who were less than 1 year old.

Electoral fraud is bad enough but electoral fraud done incompetently just adds insult to injury.

the trouble is he and his henchmen have blood on their hands, so he is no laughing matter, a criminal, a despot and should have been out of power years ago,
The people on the news who'd checked the day before that their names were on the electoral register, were then turned away at the voting station because their names weren't listed. Hmmm.
Mugabe himself is just a 'puppet' now , he is ruled by his henchmen who know he is too valuable to lose. If he died they would have him stuffed and stood up as if he was alive. They know that if he goes so do they so they make sure he stays.

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