Twitter Trolls.....

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ToraToraTora | 23:44 Mon 29th Jul 2013 | News
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Just been listening to some of the horror stories from these keyboard warriors. Surely Twitter et al can just insist on proper ID, then it's game over, isn't it?


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And how does any website insist on proper id? What proof would be needed?

I could give anyone's name and address, even if they are a stranger to me = sites like provide enough information.

If I were malicious I could give the full id of somebody I have problems with, if I know enough about them.

If the site demanded photo id such as passport information or banking credentials who on earth would give such info to a website?

Online anonymity is essential to keep users safe from hackers and fraudsters
here's one line of attack that worked

Trolling Mary Beard, for heaven's sake. She retweeted it. It also seems one of his followers knew him and threatened to send the offending tweet to his mum. He backed down in a great hurry.

Hoiwever, this seems to have depended on him using his real name (and having a mum who'd give him a good smack).
in cse you're wondering, here are the tweets

(Not sure if the address will come out here, it's https)
HC, I can't see any problem with a $1 registration fee paid by a card or paypal. It's no different to Ebay or Amazon et al.

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Yes hc, not easy I grant you but something along the lines of what ebay/paypal does. If these morons can be identified then they'll refrain.
Digitalspy would only allow you to register if you provided an email address from your ISP, like, any other email registration had to pay a fee to activate membership., maybe something like that might work.
there's now a numpty posting bomb threats to female journalists

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Twitter Trolls.....

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