Abu Qatada Deportation: Cleric Expected To Be Flown To Jordan Overnight On Military Plane

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Orderlimit | 18:53 Sat 06th Jul 2013 | News
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Going or last minute Appeal?


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Wharton, Britain (including Scotland) did not colonise Malta, it became a protectorate after Britain ejected the Napoleonic colonisers. This followed at least 17 changes of control by just about every mediterranean power.
Gromit, you’re mistaken. I often agree with your opinions. However, when you start talking about ‘ilks’ in such derogatory tones, it rather conveys the impression that you do have an agenda, and one designed predominately to undermine and ridicule the opinions of the perceived ‘ilk’. Just an observation.

Hmmm? You may have a point. I will try to cut down on ilks.
All I can say is ................
I like New Judge's posts and did not mean to ridicule him. In fiture I will try to use 'and people like him' instead of ilk.
I'm feeling a bit ilky myself.

Abu Q without his ilk has arrived in of now
I am posting this for no other reason than I saw it on telly the other night and thought it was very funny...
So one third down is trivial, gromit. I hate to see what your definition of significant is, selling off 90 percent of the UK's gold reserves perhaps?

Immigation in 2009 (Labours last full year in office was 567,000.

Three years after their promise to reduce it to the tens of thousands, last years figure was 500,000.

However you try and spin it, it has been a massive fail.

Yes, there has been a slight reduction, but that is due to the economy being stagnant for 3 years, and there are less jobs for them to come to. It is not due to any policy or ripping up of migration treaties with the EU.
I am sure that your mistake in providing net migation figures (which are minus the hundreds of thousands emigrating) and not immigration figures was just an error and not an attempt to conceal the fact that immigration is still at half a million.
seeing you are trying to nitpick a dead horse, gromit, let's focus in on the relevant bit of the Guardian article so you are unequivocally clear:

//the Conservatives' target of reducing net migration to below 100,000 by the time of the next general election in 2015.

The ONS said the reduction in net migration was caused by an 81,000 fall in the number of migrants coming to Britain in the year to September 2012. Immigration numbers fell from 581,000 to 500,000 over the same period.//

8100 is not a small number in one year, in anyone's book and I don't care if the jobs ain't there, profit whilst the sun shines and Cameron/May are looking to tighten things up further - wit the Sun Telegraph, Beeb News this morning, and that can't be too bad a thing as long as the specialised talent pool is not cut into.

They ought to think about a policy that the USA (Republican Party) was considering - immigration under licence, minimal insurance and health cover, reapply for a licence after 3 years, for permanent residence a much stiffer immigration formality in testing etc, employers to be heavily fined for any illegal immigrants found working for them and the are offered first to residents and the immigration licence only granted after, say, three months of no response from the locals.
Families not permitted in by the way under the work licence, only on the full family application.....just for clarity's sake.

From 2007 the immigration for work, the trend was going down anyway and if anything the reductions have flattened out somewhat.

The 80,000 reduction can largely be attributed to a reduction in students. The trend when the coalition took over was this was rising. But it rose significantly over the next year and peaked at nearly 200.00. In 2012 it has shank to about the same level it was went Labour left power.

That is a bit of a double edged result. Foreign students had greatly to our coffers in fees, and they also tend to be short stayers. The majority return home after their studies.
Foreign students add greatly
and provide a rich seam for terrorism, most likely, never mind the home-growns.

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Abu Qatada Deportation: Cleric Expected To Be Flown To Jordan Overnight On Military Plane

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