Professor Mick Aston Has Died

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daffy654 | 23:35 Mon 24th Jun 2013 | News
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R.I.P. Professor aston, Time Team was never the same without him.


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Very sad news. Its somehow apt that Time Team is no longer being made.
Oh no, so young.
I love Time Team, and all on it.
Rest in Peace Mick Aston.
shame, an excellent programme it was too. Too bright for a dumbed down age, I suppose.
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I had to stop watching the last series as the format was awful. Mick Aston decided to not be in it again as he said it was dumbed down too much, I agreed with him.
What a shame, loved him in Time Team. Wonder if it was caused by all the stress of the change of format and of him quitting this last series?
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He has many health issues ANN, including asthma, aspergillosis and a brain haemorrhage about 10 years ago.
Son in Law worked on Time Team. Very much respected Mick.
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*had* many health issues :(
Very very sad news.

They show Time Team on the More4 channel every day (2 episodes each day I think) and I have been recording them for the last couple of months so I now have dozens. I have been watching them as and when I can.

Some I have already seen, others I had never seen before, but watching them now will be rather sad.
I saw an interview with Mick Aston in British Archaeology magazine a few months ago and Mick said he felt he had made little impact on the world of

The following month there were LOADS of letters in the magazine from people who had taken up archaeology because of Mick Aston and Time Team.

I hope that response pleased him.
Sorry that was Current Archaeology magazine.

Here is the front cover with a VERY young Mick Aston.
goodness, they must have excavated that photo from several layers of civilisation down!
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I was very conscious that when he was off his subject he was pretty crap.

Conflict of interest:
allergic to b++l s+++ting professors of archeology

I suppose one must admit there is a limited set of things you can say about Iron Age sites.....

Always came over as a nice guy

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Professor Mick Aston Has Died

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