Yet Some More Of The World's Garbage, Still In This Country.

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anotheoldgit | 11:41 Sat 22nd Jun 2013 | News
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How is that this piece of scum who illegally entered this country 10 years ago, was still allowed to remain in this country and so commit his evil crimes?

It is said that although he came from Eritrea, he is likely to be deported to South Africa upon his release, why would they want him in the unlikely chance that he is deported?


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Even worse is that he was not charged with the first offence, at the time. It doesn't look as though the second offence had such striking similarity to the first, the kind of similarity that marks the offender out from other such offenders, that the could be automatically adduced to prove both, so it may well be that a change in charging policy explains why the first was finally proceeded with.
He possibly arrived here from South Africa. Or has a South African passport.

There could be several reasons the oroginal rape was not prosecuted. Maybe a delay in reporting it. Lack of witnesses. Alcohol involed etc.
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Got it in one Tetjam ! But we should still make the effort and deport this piece of detritus. I expect his lawyers will come up with some human rights issues which will prevent his deportation, and the european circus will no doubt involve itself and stick it's nose in and try to circumvent any action the Governemnt may make.....and then of course there is SIAC to worry about. Their ancient crones, paid for by us, will then no doubt help the scumbag to assert his "rights", and then retire to their Horlicks and and an early night, safe in the knowledge that they have yet again asserted what is right for us all.
why on earth was he not charged for the rape all those years ago,
i read through that piece, he snatched the student of the streets, she may have been worse for wear, but she did report it as rape, i am incredulous.
Deportation is automatic in his case. There is only a restriction if the convict is an EU citizen
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What's your reasoning, Tetjam?
he wasn't a EU national was he?
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Yet Some More Of The World's Garbage, Still In This Country.

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