Does The Army Know If It's Comming Or Going?

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jake-the-peg | 11:59 Tue 18th Jun 2013 | News
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Why is the Army running an extensive recruitment campaign at the same time as making a load of redundencies?

The campaign aims to dispel the misconception that the army is not hiring and hopes to bring 10,000 new recruits into the army over the coming year.

Of the 4,480 Army personnel being made redundant, 3,765, or 84%, have volunteered for redundancy,


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The Army haven't protected *us* for over half a century - they protect British interests overseas and in the process stir up the sort of resentment that actually endangers us more here.
If it's so dangerous here, why don't you go somewhere where it'll be a bit safer for you?
As ever, you fail to see the irony and continue you're vitriolic, bilious disdain for HM Forces, the very same that preserve the democracy that allows you to continue posting it.
You appear almost gleeful that so many more will be looking at unemployment.

How sad.

/// The Army haven't protected *us* for over half a century ///

And I don't suppose in all that time you or your family have ever had to call on the Fire Service to protect you, but they are always there if you do need them.

/// oh good, Octavius, I've always thought our primary schools weren't offering enough training in killing with your bare hands. ///

Oh the intelligence needed to post that none humorous post, makes one wonder what type of person would go to the trouble to post such sick rubbish.
-- answer removed --
Fresh blood was actually what the Army officer said on the TV last night. He didn't mean it literally. We all use the expression when recruiting new staff.
oh aog, do have a chill pill!
come the next war i hope those who bleat on about not being protected remember those words. Same as the police, those who crib about them, are the first ones to call them when they have been hurt, burgled.
Brilliant idea,though-Sack them from a job where they could help with natural disasters etc, -and put them on the Dole !!!

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Does The Army Know If It's Comming Or Going?

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