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Bye -de- bye.
That's sad news. I loved him in Hi-di-Hi and in You Rang Milord and still watch both on DVD
...or even Die de Die?
Up in heaven in the Sky de Sky :)
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A genuinely funny man....what a loss to us all.
its a good job we are all entitled to our own opinions because I didn't think he had announce of humour in him!
I have to agree Gina - not my sort of humour - but he did come across as one of the nice guys of show business.

I have to confess tho - when I saw his picture flash up on the screen at work on sky news I immediately thought Yew Tree. Think I am becoming a cycnic :-(
Ahhh. I liked that bunch. Daft .... but I like daft. RIP.
He will always be remembered for this song Im sure. I dont mean it disrespectfully either.

He really was a lovely man, I liked him.

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Rip Paul Shane (Hi Di Hi)

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