Bp And Shell...finally Getting Found Out???

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Anngel | 07:45 Wed 15th May 2013 | News
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I saw a news item last night that the offices of BP and Shell have been raided for price fixing.

I feel sure that this will come as no surprise to the petrol buying public. The only question is: how did they get away with it for so long? I suspect there may be some government names involved in this........Comments anyone??


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They won't find a thing as they haven't found a thing in the past - in my time in oil marketing, there was no such collusion - at all.
I foresee lots of heat, very little light and no change to ruinous duty and taxation.
You're probably right Douglas - right noises but no outcome?
I've sometimes wondered about oil prices here in NI. It all comes through Belfast yet it's sold at cheaper prices in Derry, which is nearly a 100 miles away, than it is where it's landed. You'd think the cost of transporting it would add to the price.
That may be a more valid question, the level of excise duties and they have the audacity to tax a tax with VAT then added on.
Was it Jimmy Savile?
There will be a load of media coverage and questions asked, and then it will slowly fade away.Nothing will be done. There are too many people in high places involved.
If there is any collusion, it is more likely to be in state oil Cos and my guess, Eastern Europe.....
As far as the cost of fuel at the pump is concerned I can't understand why we don't have a system where the cost of pump fuel is linked to the spot price of oil. Once a week the price is set by the government and that is the price they can sell a liter of fuel for, if they want to sell it for more thats up to them but at least we would know the true price and fill up elsewhere. The French have a similar thing with the cost of bread.

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Bp And Shell...finally Getting Found Out???

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