Yet Another London Killing.

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anotheoldgit | 12:51 Fri 19th Apr 2013 | News
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Many have pointed out to me when I have stated that crime was not as widespread 'in my day' as it is today, that it was it is just because we get to hear about it more these days..

Well I wonder how many of you know that yet another killing took place only yesterday in North London?

I only heard a snippet about it on a London radio station news report, and it took me a while to find this link, can't find a report of it in any newspaper, and yes not even in the Daily Mail.

How many times do we hear "no arrests have been made" I wonder how many just fade away without anyone being charged and convicted, and even if some are, I wonder if their names will ever be remembered in the future?

No such stabbings and shootings were never on the scale of which they are today, "in my day".


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From the murder point of view, it is about as rough now as it was in 1970.

Having had to write an essay on this (and 'crime waves') in 1973 the latest figures were for 1970 and were (c.) 570 in England and Wales. 200 committed suicide immediately, 200 were found unfit to plead and that left only 200 for the police to solve.

The number of murders rose in England and Wales and peaked at just under 1000 a year and this co incided with the organised political violence in Northern Ireland.

Incredibly over the last ten years or so it has fallen back - to 620 the latest available when I last looked which is almost to my mind equal to the 1970 figure.

The feeling that life is much more violent than it was is due to something called 'recollection bias' and refers to the fact that recent memories are much fresher than distant
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This post is about crime or killings per-se, it's about another shooting killing, which was not widely reported.

Yes a fellow human being was brutally killed on our streets, and hardly anyone seems to care.
#'AoG Again with these comments of yours.

Who is it that you are accusing of not seeming to care?
I was made aware of it through your link AOG and I thank you for that. But I don't see how disagreeing with you about the picture you paint using this of modern life means that I, or anyone else who disagrees, don't care.
When in your lifetime was Britain a better place than now, aog? On balance, do you think now is best, and, if not, why not?
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/// When in your lifetime was Britain a better place than now, aog? On balance, do you think now is best, and, if not, why not? ///

From 1945 to 1959, people were more sociable and family oriented, it was safer to walk the streets at night, whereas taking into account the almost daily shootings stabbings or muggings in some areas today, it is not safe to walk them day or night, we were a much more relaxed society with more freedom of speech and actions, by that (before I am taken out of context) I am referring to such things as smoking, and not constantly told what we should eat, or how much we should drink, we had Doctors on call 24/7 who would come to your home, our young were more disciplined, and people showed and possessed more respect.

These are just a few that came to my head, but of course there are many things 'BETTER' today than there was then, but that is a very much different subject for debate.
AOG...what happened in 1959 then ?
The swinging 60's were round the corner...

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Yet Another London Killing.

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