Yet Another London Killing.

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anotheoldgit | 12:51 Fri 19th Apr 2013 | News
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Many have pointed out to me when I have stated that crime was not as widespread 'in my day' as it is today, that it was it is just because we get to hear about it more these days..

Well I wonder how many of you know that yet another killing took place only yesterday in North London?

I only heard a snippet about it on a London radio station news report, and it took me a while to find this link, can't find a report of it in any newspaper, and yes not even in the Daily Mail.

How many times do we hear "no arrests have been made" I wonder how many just fade away without anyone being charged and convicted, and even if some are, I wonder if their names will ever be remembered in the future?

No such stabbings and shootings were never on the scale of which they are today, "in my day".


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Do you believe that you received a fullsome report of the days goings-on, from all corners of the country, on the wireless, all those years ago?
Ah!....that's better.

No, not ALL, but certainly murders............
I think JTH was crystal clear.
i haven't heard, but that is because i haven't listened to the radio nor scanned the papers, but if it is another youngster, then that is a sorry thing indeed.
Ah!......good one JTH...............(shrugs shoulders and raises eyebrows)
another life lost in the great metropolis. Perhaps the big difference now is that guns are involved a lot more..
Year-on-year falls since 2006 according to that site. Thanks for the link ZM.
2012 has seen a large reduction in murder in London and across England and Wales.

With a 20% reduction in London murders in 2012 (compared to 2011); 2012 could be the first time in over three decades that murders in London have been under a 100 in a year. Police reported crime data suggests 98 (maybe 99) murders in 2012 compared to around 120 in 2011. This has reduced London’s murder rate to 12.1 per million population (London population is 8,174,100) see London Murder page
Much has been said about potential police activities that have brought this number of murders down despite a growing London population and greater diversity in nationalities, religions, communities and cultures, but it is time we stop the cycle of thanking the police and authorities for crime reductions yet when crime goes up its everyone else’s fault. The evidence suggests that these massive reductions are a change in how individuals and communities in London view themselves and choose to conduct themselves, rather than a step change in policing.
I'm not sure that Joe Public often gets caught up in these murders.

(btw, it's on the TV news now!)
I have no idea when 'your day' was AOG but this website might enlighten you:

UK Murder Statistics

\\For some reason the UK government are not very forthcoming on providing these statistics, plus we have the battle of recorded crime versus reported crime and the ambiguity of the British crime Survey. if you find a reliable source we would love to know.\\

I think that header from your link may well be relevant.

His 'day' was the 30's, 40's, 50's....
Especially if you rate murders by percentage of the total populaiton:-
Sqad, I appear to be one of the few to at least take the time to look into what stats are avaiable rather than rellying on the meeeja.
....or speculating wildly.
nice to know that crime is going down in this city, except of course for those shot to death on our streets. How many is that this year, and we are only 4 months in. Gun crime was pretty rare once, it doesn't appear to be the case now.
over 7 million in the capital and growing, the figure of course could be higher seeing as how so many can just lose themselves in the great mass of people.
Zac...I do appreciate that point and you are well rewarded.

In the 50's we were first introduced to "stats" and over the years have relied on them, like you, as the true picture. However, i have come to question the stats of most things as they are man made i.e only as accurate as the information inserted and now,most people need trained statisticians to interpret them.

Anecdotal evidence takes a "beating" on AB (in my opinion) and is relegated to "hearsay"

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Yet Another London Killing.

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