Looks Like Even Red Ed Wants To Emulate The Iron Lady

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Titehead | 11:47 Fri 19th Apr 2013 | News
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In Scotland no less, has he set himself a doable task here?


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Red Ed - Are you having a laff!
Red Ed - lol.

Emulate the Iron Lady in Scotland? You mean like famously having no Conservative MPs elected from Scotland.

This is Labour treading water until 2015. This is just twaddle to keep things ticking over.
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Labour party talking twaddle! There goes your conference invite gromit!
He's not as stupid as he looks though. Voters do want change, but is he the person to do it?

Don't worry Brother Gromit, I'm sure your invite to the Socialist Workers party conference still stands ! ;-)

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Looks Like Even Red Ed Wants To Emulate The Iron Lady

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