Souped-Up Hearse?

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heathfield | 18:18 Wed 17th Apr 2013 | News
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Although today I only caught occasional glimpses on TV of the hearse carrying Thatcher's remains, it appeared to me to have been fitted with low profile tyres. Anyone notice if it really was?


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Just seen it on the news, and yes they are low profile tyres. The hearse is a Jaguar, low profile tyres fitted as standard equipment.
Because they were bearing the weight of the nation on them..........
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Thanks, Tony - so I wasn't mistaken after all. Your answer allowed me to look it up and it seems it's an X350. I note the cortege cars were also Jags. Everyone prepared for a quick getaway if protesters turned nasty!
Yes you could get away pretty sharpish in one of them, heathfield.

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Souped-Up Hearse?

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