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how do people get to this position in their lives where they believe they are entitled to do such heinous things to others?
They usually get to that position because they have lived their entire lives acting with no regard or respect for anybody else. Nobody has ever provided and enforced boundaries to control their behaviour, which progressively worsens as they get older. The end result are incidents such as those you have highlighted.
...and it's absolutely true because I read it in the Daily Mail :-)
Question Author
ap - i did not report these articles because of any perspective, but rather as these people have been convicted of the most disgusting crimes. i am interested in how people end up with such a skewed outlook on life and can behave in such morally repugnant ways. if i had selected these stories in the dt, for example, would you be making these comments? i suggest it is you who has the issue and not me!
What's wrong with this country

Selection bias in the press

Selection bias is picking non typical examples and presenting them as evidence of a supposed trend.

A bit like deliberately selecting say ginger people who have committed crimes and saying - look at what is happening ! we need stronger checks on ginger people.

Of course it might not be ginger people who are the victims of selection bias
Jake the peg

\\\Selection bias is picking non typical examples and presenting them as evidence of a supposed trend. \\\

Also dangerous to disregard anecdotal evidence which may be, or not, as representative of the "trend" as "statistical" evidence which may or may not be severely flawed.
But less dangerous to ignore it when the source has a known political agenda which is conveniantly aligned with it's anecdotal evidence.

In the way that it was fairly safe to ignore story's in Pravda saying how brilliant the old Soviet Union was

Or did you used to think it was dangerous to ignore such stories?
what do you mean, 'these days'? Is there any particular era in the past when you'd have preferred to live because everyone was so much nicer then?
I don’t quite understand, jake. I don’t think the Daily Mail is suggesting that all Iranians, or Lithuanians or black women commit crimes like those mentioned. I didn’t notice them saying “look at what all these Iranians/Lithuanians/black women are up to”. They are not suggesting these crimes are “typical” (though they may be more typical than many people think). All they have done is to report stories that people may be interested in. I didn’t notice any “selective” aspects to their reporting. I assume all the facts reported are true and if they are it is perfectly legitimate to report them.

These things are happening in the UK. The three crimes mentioned were awful and people are entitled to know that they are taking place. I really don’t understand how the Daily Mail (or any other newspaper) is operating what you term “selection bias”. I didn’t notice any mention in any of the reports of “trends”.

So the problem with the country, then, is not that such crimes that are being regularly committed, but the fact that newspapers are reporting them.
"Selection bias is picking non typical examples and presenting them as evidence of a supposed trend".
I couldn't have said it better.
The DM THRIVES on this method of reporting and my posting of the above clip relates to this statement. I certainly have an issue with this particular rag.
Had you posted links from other newspapers, I probably would have said something similar to what JTP posted.
NJ, it is the OP who is seeing a trend here - see the way the question is written. (And I'd be amazed if the Daily Mail dissented from her assessment.)
These are not isolated incidents and not only printed in the DM as some trite commentator would have us believe. These are the sort of things that should be reported, we should be made aware of what fast becoming the norm in the UK. The fact that these people are immigrants or ginger should not make any difference, the OP quite rightly asks what is wrong with society these days. Lack of respect and common decency is missing, who are the parents of these lowlife? Thankfully there are some decent hardworking young people among us. Those who think it clever to stick two fingers up to law abiding people and behave like animals should be made an example of together with their parents. Firmer control and deportation would be a start.
As a typical example of Daily Mail shenanigans, these two reports are quite revealing.

and a day later the same story with an added spin (See 2nd bullet point)

I'm not referring to the story itself rather just highlighting what the Mail knows will outrage people.
After all what has a boob job on the NHS really got to do with the story?
These are the sort of things that should be reported, we should be made aware of what fast becoming the norm in the UK

"The norm"? You seriously believe that within a few years everyone will be behaving like this?
"I suggest it is you who has the issue and not me!"
Me and numerous others by all accounts.

The trouble with Daily Mailvocates is that they think their beloved journal "says it like it is where others dare not" which in my mind is a) not true and b) just an evasion of the fact that it caters specifically for people of a certain age group and level of bitterness who claim they've "had enough" when really all they want to do is get themselves riled up and vent spleen on a world they think has failed them.

...IMO :-)
jno take a look at the loonies acting up about Maggie then ask yourself would this have happened twenty five years ago. No it would not. Anyone behaving like that would have been sorted out partly because we didn't have the EU dictating our every move and partly because whatever you think, there was a common decency about people in those days and a respect for the family. Today it is becoming the 'norm' to behave like animals, twitter and facebook to friends to gather and trash someones house or congregate to smash up buildings and dance like dirvishes. Rape and stamp on peoples faces, if it isn't stopped now we wll have a lot of stupid young people following like sheep because it is trendy. Philpotts UK.
Punishment for such crimes are too lenient.
Don't quite see the connection between "loonies" acting up about Lady Thatcher and our being in the EU, gran. What is it?
Spencer Percival, prime minister, was assassinated in 1812 by a man who was probably mad.

But the people of Westminster disliked the government so much they tried to free his killer, and the Life Guards had to be called in to keep him from being rescued.

There were reports of rejoicing in Nottingham at the killing. A colonel from Bolton said: 'The people expressed joy at the news. A man came running down the street, leaping in the air, waving his hate round his head, and shouting with frantic joy, "Perceval is shot, hurrah! Perceval is shot, hurrah!" '

Sound familiar? At least nobody shot Thatcher.

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