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/////"You have been warned before, please refrain from accusing others of being Fascists, especially myself, or I can see you being banned, if not by the ED, but certainly by myself"./////

The nearest I've come to being "warned" is objections from other like-minded individuals as your good self Mr Git.

It's interesting to see that you spell the word with a capital "F" ;-)
re Your endorsement of the DM due to it's ostensible popularity.
Popularity is no conclusive testimony to something's worth, lots of things are popular but that doesn't always make them good.
eg. Hitler was quite popular for a while, so was Jimmy Savile.
Daily Mail 1.87 million. Sun 2.4 million. Right, the Sun is more popular on paper; it sells more so it must be a better newspaper and, we take it, its judgment better trusted than the Mail's. The Times, which is a paper to trust (who disagrees? ) only sells 400,000. The Times could not use the Mail's approach to stories because its readers are not susceptible to the methods employed by the Mail. There may be other reasons.

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