Philpott Et Al Guilty.....

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lcg | 15:34 Tue 02nd Apr 2013 | News
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out of interest, does anyone know the evidence against the wife in this case? for the father, he had petrol on his clothes and his behaviour was reported to be odd, but what about the wife? what are your thoughts on this sorry case?


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Gosh...Sir.P...I clearly haven't read all the facts.

Ignore my answer.
It was not murder by the legal definition of murder.
None of them showed remorse - afterwards they trotted off to have sex and smoke cannabis.

Wicked, wicked people.

Argos Vouchers???? He was in prison for heavens's sake. That can't be true.

They deserve all they get.
if you love your children you don't dream up a scheme to make money by setting fire to the house, that is the nightmare scenario. Fire takes hold quickly, as those who have tried to put out a house blaze can testify, i nearly came a cropper at home with a fire, and believe me it's not something you would do willingly. Why did the police tape them, and if the words are true, that he said the police had no evidence of what they did, shows no compassion for their poor children.
Yes I do think their brains will torment them. That is my opinion. I have now read of his previous record and he deserves to be locked up forever. I doubt Mairead had much choice but to go along with his plan. I also think about the other children that have lost the brothers and sister they used to live with and found out that their father killed them. What a mess.
Previously imprisoned after conviction of attempted murder and GBH . .

Manslaughter conviction now is WRONG.
The plot wasn't to make money, as such, but to frame his ex and get custody of his other children. She left him 3 months before the fire and took the children with her.

Manslaughter conviction is RIGHT, sir prize. He couldn't have been charged with murder because his actions did not amount to murder in the legal sense.
He would have found 'not guilty'.
ok give you that, he is some piece of work though...
I stand corrected about the Argos vouchers. I think the woman will be tormented about the deaths, but not him. I think he saw them as a way to scam more money out of the state.
He didn't fare too well on the Jeremy Kyle show either.
I hope the pair of b******s rot in jail, but then they will no doubt be out in five years to continue their lifestyle.
They will not be out in 5 years.
nor should they.
I fully expect all of them to get life sentences.
life doesn't mean life though, i wish in their case it was. Poor wee babies

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Philpott Et Al Guilty.....

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