Philpott Et Al Guilty.....

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lcg | 16:34 Tue 02nd Apr 2013 | News
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out of interest, does anyone know the evidence against the wife in this case? for the father, he had petrol on his clothes and his behaviour was reported to be odd, but what about the wife? what are your thoughts on this sorry case?


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that they are a pair of horrible people, that anyone who could do this has to be callous, stupid or both.
I think she was inveigled into it, she seems to have been completely in his power, she stayed when he moved in another woman. Ghastly situation all round.
My question is:

Why charged only with manslaughter?
lcg, if I put my thoughts about this case on this thread then I know that I would be banned.
No doubt all the evidence heard in the trial will come out soon - until then we've no way of knowing why the majority of the jury found her guilty.
sir.prize - because there is no evidence they intended to murder the children.
She had petrol on her clothes as well.
Not having the court transcripts, I have no views at all. The media only report what suits their hidden agendas.
so manslaughter not murder, six children dead isn't it. what a pair of so and so's.
hc4361. Thanks for that. You are probably right. So now they will get a discretionary sentence rather than the life sentence they deserve.

Hardly full justice in my book.
if that is the case, that's not justice..
A life sentence can be given for manslaughter, though. It won't be a slap on the wrist.
What is justice in this case? The torment in their minds about that night will be in their every waking moment and probably their dreams as well for the rest of their lives. They are reprehensible in what they did but no doubt did not for a minute think they would kill their six children in the process.
one will see, but the fact remains they set fire to the place, knowing that the children were inside, and those children are dead because of them, vile
One of the finest examples of chaver trash, ever to appear on national tv
grasscarp, you don't really think that surely, even the police have said they have shown no remorse, and that they were secretly taped by the police, as they discussed what really happened. lied and lied again,
em10 - that's true. They set fire to the home knowing their children were inside.

Impossible to comprehend that and unbelievably

Philpott saw £15k funeral fund for children as 'get-rich-quick' scheme

Money raised by locals, but he wanted cash paid to him in Argos vouchers

That was MURDER!

I'm with grasscarp. I think they should be severely punished for what they did. I think, if they loved those children, they will be punished for the rest of their lives regardless of the sentence.
There is no possible excuse for their crime. I hope it does haunt them for the rest of their days and they rot in jail.

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Philpott Et Al Guilty.....

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