Cardinal Keith O'brien Had A Long Term Boyfriend.

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Kromovaracun | 13:21 Wed 27th Mar 2013 | News
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Does the Church deserve respect? Does it deserve to have its opinions on public policy listened to? Despite his utterly incoherent arguments, Cardinal O'Brien was one of the leading opponents of gay marriage - and indeed of gay rights generally - in the United Kingdom. Inevitably, evidence has emerged that this odious little man was a serial abuser of male priests. Personally, I hope the mud never unsticks from this vile hypocrite's face.

Father Peter has come forward with this information for the good of 'cleansing the church' - but is it even cleansable? Wouldn't we be better off with the whole rotten edifice dismantled?


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// always been one of the most homophobic men in the church //

As in so many cases ... thou dost protest too much.
So it comes as no surprise that yet another anti gay priest was enjoying it up the pooper.

So to speak.
just what i was thinking, methinks he doth protest too much, is this why he resigned, or was pushed, do you think. I also think that it's the reason many are turning away from the church, they seem the rampant hypocrisy and wonder why they are being lectured on being pure of heart and mind, all the while seeing these men make nonsense of their religion and indeed their lives.
Or more likely they are seeing the fairy story for what it is.

IMHO church leaders, of any faith, should keep their hooters out of it.

Always makes me laugh when they bang on about the poor and how the rich should shell out. Don't see them dipping into their (Enormous) coffers to sort it out though do we?

As for this creep, well I will stop there or my post will be removed !
While the rest of society is finally accepting that gay people are just ordinary, nice people who happen to fancy people of the same gender ...

The "Church" is running along behind like a sulky child, shouting "Spawn of the devil, shoot them all."

Everyone needs to just turn round to the Church and say ...

"Right, join in, or shut up."
"Do as I say and not as I do" (but in Latin) must a bit of the traditional Catholic service.

It is odd that public figures who loudly denounce some practice so often turn out to be practitioners of it. Why don't they keep quiet, or as neutral as possible, as in their comments?
// Why don't they keep quiet? //

Because they are stupid?
I don't the slightest problem with any Catholic priest, let alone a high-ranking official having a long-term relationship with anybody. What are Catholic priests supposed to do...spend their time endlessly masturbating ?

If it keeps them away from the choir boys, boy scouts etc, than I would have thought a long term boyfriend was a splendid idea.

But I have a huge problem with anybody doing one thing and saying another, especially when the latter is done from a position of authority in a pulpit, preaching to a far-from incredulous public.

Cardinal O'Brien is on record, time and time again, for being a serial hypocrite. It is bad enough when hypocrisy comes from an ordinary member of the public but O'Brien was far from being ordinary in any sense of the word. He was a person that many others looked up to, for moral and spiritual guidance. If someone had not blown the whistle just in time, he would have been walled up in the Vatican, together with all the other
be-costumed travesties, in that ludicrous D'oyly Carte-like production, that picking a new pope involves.

As soon as the Church uses some common sense and allows the priesthood to have some sex, either in or out of a formal marriage the better.

It is not enough to keep shouting the mantra that "we know best" They don't know what is best for themselves, let alone the rest of society.
Whatever he has done (or intends to do) is OK

Because as long as he repents and says the right prayers it will all be fine

In fact the whole sinning-confessing-forgiveness routine is so important to the catholic faith' it's a good job he did do these awful things so he can practice it.

The ultimate 'get out of jail free' card
But Zeuhl, I expect God will forgive, as "he moves in mysterious ways"

Its a great pity that he didn't move in mysterious ways, in the same vicinity as all those Catholic priests when they were raping little boys.

We were taught as boys that God was omnipresent, but where was he when all that was going on ?
good question mikey

perhaps god can be omnipresent and omni-nonexistent at the same time
mikey, looking the other way...
it is the hypocrisy of it that sticks in peoples craw, why don't they let priests have partners, gay, straight, then perhaps they can practice what they preach.
Yes a few Hail Arthurs and a spell on his knees and he will be all forgiven. Makes me so angry to think of the very poor Catholic families of my childhood days having listen to those vile men and women protected by this Holy Papacy, no abortion, no family planning, just give us your money and let us hear your confessions.
how reliable is this article/newspaper ?
The answer to all the questions is no. How we give any credibility to any of the representatives of any of the systems of fairy tales is beyond me.
I have no time for the catholic religion,with its obvious hang-ups about sex and sexuality.

It is these hang-ups, and the proclamations of the Vicar of Christ that have blighted the lives of many with its teachings on abortion, HIV/condom use, homosexuality, equality and all the rest of it.

And it now appears that one of the churches most outspoken critics of homosexuality - calling it moral degradation amongst other things, has been a long term and active homosexual himself.

Quite apart from the hypocrisy - how can a holy man ,a man of god be so willing, find it so easy to lie and publically castigate others? How does this sit with his conscience?

I find his actions quite despicable......
you have to make up your own mind, but it seems fairly clear
I feel better now I know that it was in The Guardian.

It has an air of accuracy about it now.
Kromo - all due respect but this source isn't exactly Reuters....
Mosaic, it's in most papers, not just the tabloids, suggest that you have a look at the link i provided.

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