Cardinal Keith O'brien Had A Long Term Boyfriend.

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Kromovaracun | 13:21 Wed 27th Mar 2013 | News
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Does the Church deserve respect? Does it deserve to have its opinions on public policy listened to? Despite his utterly incoherent arguments, Cardinal O'Brien was one of the leading opponents of gay marriage - and indeed of gay rights generally - in the United Kingdom. Inevitably, evidence has emerged that this odious little man was a serial abuser of male priests. Personally, I hope the mud never unsticks from this vile hypocrite's face.

Father Peter has come forward with this information for the good of 'cleansing the church' - but is it even cleansable? Wouldn't we be better off with the whole rotten edifice dismantled?


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"Kromo - all due respect but this source isn't exactly Reuters...."

Yes, that's true. If I'm being completely and utterly honest, I came across this in another source and then just used the first link I came across - which happened to be this relatively partisan blog.

Prior to the anonymous source's interview with the Guardian/Observer, however (which others have linked to), it was also reported in the Huffington Post and in the Herald:

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Cardinal Keith O'brien Had A Long Term Boyfriend.

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