Why Does The Catholic Church...

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ChillDoubt | 10:21 Sat 16th Mar 2013 | News
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continue to mire itself in this sort of controversy and behaviour?

They really do beggar belief at times.


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Possibly because it eases the guilt of so many within that organisation and allows them to carry on knowing it's "not their fault".
Because the Cathoilc church are an anachronism.

They come from a period in history when most people were "god fearing"

Where the churches word was law

Where men held all the important positions and women "made the tea"

Where they could threaten people like Galileo with prison just because he dared to write a scientific book saying the earth was not the centre of the universe.

Where most people had no money so having churches painted in gaudy colours with gold and silver everywhere somehow impressed the poor.

Where the church leaders dressed up in sillier and sillier clothes, somehow making them look and feel important.

Where they could torture and kill people just because they refused to become catholic.

Why on earth so many people still follow them I dont know, just shows how many gullible people are still left in the world I suppose.

To me they are as "bad" as the mafia, with all the deaths they have been responsible for.
hard to find fault with that

as to paedophillia, i'm sure there is a "medical" side to it with some....but that doesnt mean we are going to use that as an excuse to justify or accept if, far from it.
I agree, it may be a criminal act by today's laws, but then homosexuality once was.

Regarding it being a psychological "illness, this well may be, would any mentally normal person take part in such acts.
A senior religious person in the church said yesterday that 40% of priests were homosexual. The fact that the Catholic church forbids straight marriage surely encourages this trend.
i started another thread without seeing this one, sorry about that.

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