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Gromit | 11:31 Sun 03rd Mar 2013 | News
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The video of Pc Baillon wielding his truncheon was viewed more than 30million times on YouTube, leading him to walk out of his job after being ridiculed every day by his fellow police officers.

The officers were cleared of misconduct after an internal investigation but Pc Baillon was removed from frontline duties and his colleagues often brought up the ‘Whatley incident’, the tribunal heard.
Pc Baillon told the hearing: ‘The ridicule from colleagues was getting to me - it was every single day. 
'They thought I had done wrong and I was lucky to have got away with it. I just wanted my closure.’

The two officers were later cleared of misconduct after an investigation but Pc Baillon was removed from front-line duties and his colleagues often brought up the 'Whatley incident', a tribunal heard
Mr Baillon also told the tribunal in Cardiff that his locker at work was defaced over the ‘Whatley incident’ and that he became a ‘laughing stock’. 
The experienced officer finally took sick leave for stress and wrote letters of complaint to the Gwent Police Authority.

Mr Whatley (the Range Rover driver) won a £20,750 payout from the police over the damage caused to his Range Rover and also received £45,000 is costs. 

But the tribunal ruled he was unfairly dismissed from the traffic squad. The panel has yet to decide how much compensation Mr Baillon should receive but it is likely to run to six figures because of lost earnings and pension entitlements.


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What a long and needless 'non-question' anti-police thread.
Question Author

It is a copy and paste from the Daily Mail article. I have not added anything. Are you saying the DM is anti-Police?
No I am questioning your need to reproduce it.
Wasn't this the case where the driver of the rover had driven over the foot of one of the officers and then failed to stop for a number of miles?
Question Author
Well, it is in todays Daily Mail and this is a news site so I don't see why I should not post it. It is an interesting development on a story we have discussed before, and I posted incase ABers had not seen it. That is why I made no comment of my own.

Interesting that every word is the Daily Mail's yet if I reproduce it, I am being anti-Police. The only words I added were the title "He who laughs last..." How is that anti-Police?
oooops did AOG who is often found to be complaining about people criticise the daily mail occidentally do the same thing!

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