My Letter And Photo Will Be In The Daily Mail Tomorrow Or Friday

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gordie1 | 23:29 Wed 20th Feb 2013 | News
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Hi there if anyone wants to know what I look like my letter with a photograph will be in the daily mail tomorrow or friday I wrote about the back to work scandal with Iain Duncan Smith expecting people to work for free on work placements I went on a 12 week scheme 2 years ago got a brilliant report but never got offered a job still looking. Anyone a photographer came this morning and took a whole lot of photos and one will appear tomorrow or friday with the feature letter


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A photograph, a generic location, and your real name as well credited to the letter,
Too much information imho.
^^^ Agree.
Pffft - I've had eight (count 'em - eight) letters printed in the London edition of Metro newspaper.

Any more and you could consider me a columnist!!!
good luck, but newspapers never know in advance exactly what names or photos are going to be used in the published story. You may be in competition with a lot of photos of celebs with cellulite
Havent we be warned about using our true I.D?
I'd go an buy all the daily mail's if I were you, but can I have the puzzle page?
Question Author
what can go wrong?
How exciting. According to one lady I knew who taught creative writing if you have a letter published you can then call yourself a published author!
the first rule of ans........
But sp you didn't announce it on here did you, at the time I mean, thereby giving your identity away?
lots can go wrong, gordie, that's how newspapers work. Princess Diana may return to Earth, and that will mean the first 90 pages of the Mail will be taken up with covering the event. I'm just suggesting you don't get your hopes too high.
Gordie, you asked what can go wrong.

By revealing you on YouTube and now announcing your possible appearance in the Daily Mail you have are at risk of exposing your true identity and location in full.

Not a wise move IMHO.

I buy the DM so will look forward to seeing you :-)

The work scandal where you worked for nothing, did that mean that you weren't paid your JSA?
It's still exciting for gordie.
Gordie - you ask what can go wrong?

What can go wrong ---oh no it'll just scare you and make you paranoid. I hope you like the picture they chose and best of luck with it.
Whilst I understand peoples concerns, Gordie is no stranger to publicity and seems it does not bother....his choice.
because the net is full of weirdos... you may say somethng that upsets someone and they decide to find you ... you have made it very easy for them

we have had threats before on here... some quite violent and weird, and thats just from the ones who announce it...
Maydup, it would seem paranoia is already there
My granddaughter went on a similar scheme a couple of years ago, I forked out for her bus fares and lunches. She got a brilliant report, and got the job too and recently had an advancement to another department and a raise. Really proud of her. There are only so many positions to fill in a lot of those placements gordie, she was prepared to keep looking for a job.
I get the DM (usually only for the bonus points) so I'll buy one for the rest of the week.

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My Letter And Photo Will Be In The Daily Mail Tomorrow Or Friday

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