Yet Another Killing.

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anotheoldgit | 16:15 Sun 17th Feb 2013 | News
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This time in Clapton, east London, in an area known as ‘Murder Mile’.

Apparently according to the report eight men were killed in the area in two years in the last decade.

But also according to the report:

/// Another resident, who has lived in the area for more than 20 years, said: "With this happening now, I don't think people will feel safe. ///

/// "There have been shootings here before but this is the first murder." ///

The question that must be asked is who is telling the truth?

Some scurry to check if the report is a Daily Mail one, ups! so sorry to disappoint you.


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Easy answer really.

Both statements can be true.

Question Author

Not unless the eight men were killed in accidents, surely?


I don't understand your point.

You juxtapose two statements. One resident says she doesn't feel safe, and the other point is that there have been a large number of murders in the area.

What exactly is your point? Are you saying that the resident is wrong not to feel safe????

Seriously - this is a really odd thread. If you re-read your question, you'll see what I mean. There doesn't seem to be an 'either/or' in there at all.

Can you see what I can see?

Ah got it.

The resident has said that this is the first murder!

Got it.

Well, who is saying it's the eighth?

If it's the police, then I'd go with what they've said, you know - because they have records, whereas the person interviewed wouldn't necessarily have all the stats.

I hope that answers your question.

(Weird question though).
Question Author

/// (Weird question though). ///

Not really SP it was just you that couldn't really understand it in the first place.
Do you suggest that the resident is lying or that they are sincere but inaccurate, aog? Or do you say that the police are lying or that they are sincere but inaccurate?

And, in any event, what on Earth is the point of contrasting the two figures?

No, what's weird is the fact that you asked it.

Who cares what an unnamed source says?

Unless there were some other reason for posting this question?

Was there?
I thought 'Murder Mile' was in 'sarf' london?
Apparently not, dawg. Googling it brings up Clapton rather than Clapham

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Yet Another Killing.

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