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"Democracy? What's That Then?"

not sure, ask the EU theyre the arbiters of democracy.....not
That's appalling!

I knew there was a bit of a gentlemans agreement about bills that would affect certain areas like the ducy of Cornwall but this goes way further than that!
Wll Baz you could always send a letter to your MEP - and ask him!

You can't not vote in European elections and then accuse the EU of being undemocratic!
I didn't know they had powers to block bills - is that permanent or can parliament try again?

I didn't know Charles had any power at all. He shouldn't have.
I'm afraid trying to drag the EU into this is self-defeating. Why worry about the EU with its er elected parliament when we have ER and her family(!)
Question Author
Dear old Baz... didn't vote in the EU elections, but presumably was the only person entitled to vote in the Royal Family elections.
dear old rojash....clueless as usual
I too am surprised at the effect of the Queen/Prince on bills etc but It is pretty well analogous with the EU where of the power is mostly with unelected commissioners.
"I'm afraid trying to drag the EU into this is self-defeating"

no its not because when we are subjugated and ruled by and from the eussr , whats left of our sovereignty and what ever vetos they have will be irelevant, as they will be totally overuled, any and every bill,law of consequence will be dictated to us from brussells, so worrying about the royal familys vetos now is pretty small fry and will pale into insignificance in the not too distant future.
Asked permission to use the official Buckingham Palace Logo, have we rojash?
Aren't the Royal familial Krauts anyway, so they will probably get more of a say.
did anyone ask the citizens of Britain if they like being spied on by the millions of closed circuit television cameras, no, well that is not something the royal family would worry about i am sure, nor have a hand in. But it has been implemented over the years by our ever present, busybody councils, and their apparatchiks, that is without the fact that central and local government officers can spy on your phone calls, e mail, if they so wish, if they think it is of national security. Democracy is very well, but quite frankly no one ever asked me if i liked CCTV, or that my e mail correspondence could be relayed to others.
You are worried that the Queen has a small say in some bills, so what.
hardly likely to cause World War 3.
Unelected comissioners - no

The EU has 2 chambers the first is the European parliament for which we elect MEPs

The other is the council of ministers who are naturally enough elected in their own national Governments

Commissioners can propose legislation but are otherwise only responsible for the implemention of decisions.

But well done for hijacking yet another thread with disinformation
em - the issue is the secrecy of this

Why did it take a court order for the mecahnisms of this to come out.

There are a lot of questions here not about how much the Queen has intereferred in existing bills but what legislation may never have come about because of early interference.

Who exactly is running the country? David Cameron or Elizabeth Windsor?
I understood Democracy to a system of government where you get to choose who dictates.
That's probably as good a definition as any Hangman

Don't remember choosing ER though!
Queen Elizabeth is Head of State isn't she? or have i imagined that one as well. we elect our parliamentarians on the basis they help the people, one hopes, however i can see little of that in recent times. And surely if QE veto's some bills why shouldn't that be the case. Not sure about Prince Charles, perhaps it should only be the reigning monarch.
But you do seem rather at odds over that word democracy.
i didn't vote for Nick Clegg, but got him all the same, that is because he made an alliance, which no one seems to care for, with David Cameron.
So ticking the box against my preferred candidate, party didn't work in my favour at all.
All the more reason for getting rid of anachronisms.
let's get rid of Parliament and keep her Maj, then she can make all the decisions about her citizens. Including one where she criticised the fact that Abu Hamza or was it Abu Qatada was still living in Britain. That was supposed to be private as well, but was leaked to the press.

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Democracy? What's That Then?

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