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youngmafbog | 14:59 Mon 07th Jan 2013 | News
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or should we simply tell the lard a*ses that there is no more NHS until you slim?

Personally i doubt the tubbies will take a blind bit of notice, if anything they will be out of the room topping up their plates with pie and pizza when the ad is on !!


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They say there are not many bad foods to eat. Its just the quantity
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Spit it out Boggie, don't mince words !
How on earth would you police it? I generally look after my health, but occasionally will have a cake or a bag of chips. What are they going to do, give me a medical at the checkout.
The key phrase here is "during coronation street" - therefore no one who can comprehend it will be watching!
apparently the previous ads in the same series have been well received but whether or not they actually work in terms of changing behaviour is less easy to tell
Good idea.

We could also tell all the smokers, drug addicts, alcoholics, street brawlers, sports people with injuries, motorists etc that they too won't be treated by the NHS free of charge as they wouldn't need treatment if they didn't partake in those activities. We can also add pregnant women to the list as most of them choose to get pregnant.

They could all be told if you want treatment you pay for it up front.
More nanny state stuff we're paying for. And putting up with.

And it seems ammunition for those who are unable to understand the issues.

One pays into a national health service insurance scheme, one is entitled to get health treatment as and when needed.

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