Will Cameron Be Able To Stop The Flood Of Additional Immigrants?

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anotheoldgit | 13:15 Sun 06th Jan 2013 | News
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With the five year old quotas limiting the number of people from Bulgaria and Romania due to expire very soon, which will give 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians the right to live and work in Britain, is it of the utmost importance that our PM acts immediately to stop this expected influx of extra benefit immigrants?

This will give in the same way as immigrants from Poland and other Eastern European countries entered the country from 2004 onwards.


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No..because the EU will do all they can to make sure he cant.

They want this countries heritage and identity destroyed so that they will have less obstructions in the way of their total subjugation of what is still a sovereign nation, something that is an anathema to them and their plans.

so fill it with immigrants, thats the quickest way to get what they want, because the vast majority of them couldnt care less about this countries heritage, past etc
The difference between 2004 and 2013 is that Cameron has made sure there are no jobs for anyone to come to. In the dark days of Labour nine years ago there were jobs aplenty and the CBI welcomed the Polish workers to fill jobs that could not be filled.

And it is not the same as the immigrants from Poland. They came for jobs, paid their taxes. They did not come for benefits.
# In the dark days of Labour nine years ago there were jobs aplenty #

Oh yeah ! In those boom years of Labour, 2004- 2010 the unemployment
almost doubled, it went from 1.43 million to 2.5 million. If that happened to Labour in your #jobs aplenty #era I hate to think what it would be now in a world wide recession . As it is the Coalition has held the line with a current unemployment of 2.51million.,
Had your revered leaders Blair/Brown not opened the door to immigrants the unemployment rate would be lower .

A bit economical with the truth. Nice attempt at a sleight of hand there, but the truth is a bit different

I of course referred to 2004 (when the Poles arrived) and the unemployment rate was the lowest for 30 years at 4.7%. That was before the bankers crashed the economy in 2008.

Labour's record. Unemployment was 7% when they took office in 1997 and 7.8% when they left in 2010. The increase had already started to go down again in Autumn 2009 before the coalition came to power. The double dip recession in 2011 sent it up to 8.5% again.
You can't wriggle round it Gromit . Unemployment was 1.4 million in 2004 and it was 2.5 when they left in 2010. So much for your #jobs aplenty# under Labour.
'Should' is not a word todescribe what will eventually happen. If we are still part of the EU we have to abide by its rules. Qatada shouldn't be here but what is he doing about it. Its about time he acted like a conviction politician like Thatcher who would have done something about it Not throwing his hands up in the air and say we can't do anything about it.

I said there were jobs aplenty in 2004 not 2010.

2004 saw unemployment at 4.7%, the lowest for 30 years. A far cry from its peak of 12.7% in the mid eighties under the Tories.

The City Bankers (the biggest donators to the Conservative party at the last election) conspired to ruin the UK and the World economy in 2008 which cost jobs and has crippled our economy.

It looks like Milliband is not smarmying up to them unlike Blair and Brown, so we might just see them finally brought under control after Labour's landslide election victory in 2015.

Gromit .

Oh I see in 2004 under labour the unemployment was 1.47 million.
In 2008 under Labour it had risen to 1.72 million.
In 2009 under Labour it had risen again to 2.03 million and by May 2010 it was 2.5 million but according to you after 2008 , suddenly it was all the bankers fault not Labour's.

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Will Cameron Be Able To Stop The Flood Of Additional Immigrants?

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