Is It Really Important For Gay Footballers To Come Out Of The Closet?

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anotheoldgit | 11:56 Fri 04th Jan 2013 | News
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/// Changes in attitudes within football were highlighted following a recent study by the University of Staffordshire which suggested the majority of fans would welcome players coming out as gay. ///

/// The study, as reported by The Independent, found that 40 per cent of fans blamed clubs and agents for keeping gay footballers under wraps. ///

In my opinion, football has enough problems with racism, without adding homophobia to them.

What do you think, would it be a good thing for gay footballers to 'come out'?


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I think you're thinking of rugby which as anyone knows, is the country's biggest excuse for closeted gay men to roll around in the mud together.
/It is also news to me that one can be accused of not knowing much about the game of football, simply because one is not aware of the chants that some West Ham fans made against Tottenham's 'YID ARMY'. /

don't keep digging aog

if you were keeping up, you'd realize it isn't just something some WH fans did on one occasion - it has been going on for years

/I don't think the schools have gone back after their Christmas break, perhaps that is the reason, 'idle hands' and all that./

Go to the bottom of the class aog for being limp and pathetic
Question Author

Grow up a little and I will continue to debate with you, but only if you are a good lad now.
cheers aog
I'll look forward to that
have a nice weekend
"Oh dear and the personal accusations go on and on"
Round and round we go again: I've said it before and I'll say it again Git, you are no stranger to dishing out the "junior school" personal insults when it all goes t!ts up for you.
But enough to say that since they are reluctant to come out, they themselves want to hide the fact, for some reason.

And you are clueless as to why are you?
I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume something about AOG that I don't 'officially' know. And AOG, you have every right to refute or confirm my theory...

If AOG found that one of his children were gay, it would disappoint him only in so much that (as any parent would) he would be worried about how his child would be perceived by the world.

I am almost certain from AOG's posts that he is in no way 'anti-gay' or homophobic.

I just think...he...likes...a good old fashioned row.

AOG - am I close to the truth here?
I agree with you, sp, at no point have I actually thought AOG was anti-gay/homophobic.
By the way AOG, does Mr AOG know that's her online moniker?

Also, could you please get her to sign up to AB?

Seriously - how much fun would that be!!

Lastly, I would like to thank you for posting this question. You may have gotten bored with it, but it was genuinely interesting - and I urge you to keep posting provocative questions in 2013.

You literally are the last person left on AB who can get us lefty liberal Chablis-swilling Islingtonite yoghurt-knitters posting here.

I am being serious.
Errr..For 'Mr AOG' read 'Mrs AOG'.

The words 'gay' and 'footballer' should never be used in the same sentence
"The words 'gay' and 'footballer' should never be used in the same sentence"

Why not?
Who gives a sh#te.
AB does, if 93 answers are anything to go by.

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Is It Really Important For Gay Footballers To Come Out Of The Closet?

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