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Perhaps he does....but shush we are not allowed to say it aloud !!
I will get shot too - yes he does and what a bloody fuss about nothing!!
Isn't it strange that uniformed gate-keepers are being accused of conspiring against members of the government? Were they just the cats paws and does the conspiracy go much higher?
Many senior police officers were in the pocket of the Dirty Digger. Is he using them to take his revenge against the government?
And one who wears his watch on his right wrist. Definitely a wrong'un!
He's a scruffy Snag.

Has he not got a washing machine?
-- answer removed --
he certainly doesn't look like an old Etonian. That means he's a pleb, doesn't it?
Mr Mitchell has not got much sense of fashion - that awful pink tie! Forgive me if I have got the wrong name, I think it is Mitchell.
All the evidence so far proves that one off duty PC lied. There is nothing to say that the 2 officers manning the gate were not being truthful.
Having now seen the picture I believe his account because I doubt he knew the meaning of the word before hearing it. I can imagine there are many other words he could have claimed were said but 'pleb' not very likely ?
In the heat of the moment could he have misheard,'plonker', as pleb? Maybe not.
pdq - so where was the crowd of shocked onlookers they put in their logbooks?
The whole story and the faked email look like the work of someone more versed in political PR than the police. The press and the Labour Party have such people...

Without prejudice, of course ...
Wait until the e-mail from the Labour Party HQ's emerges (if it does) and then the proverbial will hit the New Year fan......

The fact that the chief honco of the Met is brought back in from his hols suggests that there is something very untoward in NS Yard, smelling distinctly of a political rat decomposing.
And pdq - I was led to believe that one of the 2 policemen had also been arrested for aiding and abetting his non-present colleague.....
A very interesting article from a few days ago here regarding high ranking police officers being sacked

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