So who do the British Mau Mau victims claim from then?

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Thatcherite | 17:38 Fri 05th Oct 2012 | News
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Just another compo feast for the lawyers, you couldn't make it up!


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That sounds like 'limited justice' - like, "Okay, these three women were raped by the man in custody, and we'll charge him for those offences, but that's more than these three".

Sounds unfair to me.
that would be your take on it, i see only that we will go on forever apologising and paying others, not just the victims of these atrocities.
And we should go on apologising, as long as our governments carry out atrocities in our name.....
If some of the victims are still alive is there a chance that some of the torturers are too?
So lets rape women, cut off the sexual organs of men and not apologise Em? I am glad the world has moved on from that
surely tthe people who are decendants, or even survivors, of the mau mau atrocities should be able to claim against the kenyan governement and if not stop the lawyers bun feast for kenyans' lawyers.

/// Going back to Germany in WWII - should the Jews have just shrugged their shoulders and forgotten everything? ///

It wasn't only the Jews who suffered under the Nazis, there were people with mental disorders, Gypsies, Blacks, persons taken into slavery, and political prisoners.

And also my wife's Mother who was bombed out of two houses during the war, should she have claimed compensation after the war?

/// 'Innocents dying in wartime' is an entirely different thing from the matter under discussion...///

And what may that be 'The Guilty dying in wartime'?
confess i appeared to be the lone voice here, but some perhaps agree with me to some extent. I can't believe that i have to make reparation for something i had no hand in. The money will come from the government, via the taxpayer, and whilst i am not condoning what happened by any means, where do we draw the line. As i said the British POW's never got recompense from the Japanese and their treatment alongside commonwealth servicemen was appalling. That may have been a war, but perhaps the colonial office saw this as a war, i don't really know.
europians have alot,in retrospect,to answer for
so do most people, suggest have a look at what Robert Mugabe has been doing, Idi Amin did, and any number of tin pot dictators.
Europeans unless my spelling is up the creek.
there are tin pot dictators all over,not just Africa,but not all been 'ruled' by outside powers that are then blamed for the problems of today
A lot of posts on this are rubbish.
This was done by agents of the British govenment , who have admitted torture was used and that the British administration was responcible for it.
Of course we have to pay !
Thatcherite ' British Mau Mau Victims ' ? I thought they were now Kenyan ?
But they were in fact British Colonial subjects at the time.
Just wait until the India gets hold of this .
It was only in around 1930 that it was made illegal to use native Indians as target practice.
great, so now everything we say, have an opinion on is rubbish, remind me to agree with you next time.
native Indians, what would that be, surely they are simply Indian?
or perhaps Anglo Indian, plenty of those, and they were despised by both sides.
Someone states that Mau Mau attrocities against white settlers were much fewer in number than the British administration's attrocities against locals so does that make the attrocites the Mau Mau carried out justified. Twenty six white settlers were injured and hirty two white settlers were murdered. One example was the Ruck family Mr Rodger Ruck and his pregnant wife Dr Esme Ruck(who ran a free clinic for local Kikuyu) were hacked to pieces on the veranda of their home the killers(believed to be around 30 Mau Mau) then rampaged through the house, looting and killing a servant who tried to help the family. Upstairs in bed was Michael Ruck who was six yrs old when they found him they hacked him to death then partially skinned him. The Mau Mau didn't just kill white settlers they murdered innocent Kikuyu who did not support them. In one incident known as the Lari Massacre they herded men, women and children into huts which they then set on fire anyone who tried to escape was cut down by the Mau Mau (using their weapon of choice - the panga which was a type of machete) It is believed they murdered around 1900 Kikuyu during the uprising. I in no way condone the actions of the British against innocent people, I just want to remind people that the Mau Mau were not just freedom fighters against British rule but vicious killers who used black magic,ritualistic killings and fear of reprisals (like Lari) to recruit unwilling Kikuyu to their cause.
I just wonder if the Kenyan government has plans to pay compensation to the families of the white and black victims of the Mau Mau. Probably Not.

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So who do the British Mau Mau victims claim from then?

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