Murdered, Yet No Media Song&Dance.

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Kerosene | 15:55 Fri 21st Sep 2012 | News
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WPC Yvonne Fletcher, PC Stephen Tibble, PC Keith Blakelock, WPC Nina MacKay, PC Raja Ahmed, DC Stephen Oake, WPC Sharon Beshenivsky.

Just some of the serving UK Police Officers who, in recent memory, have given their lives in the line of duty to their communities - all murdered, some in a most brutal fashion, right here in the UK.

So, how many of their loving families have carried out a relentless campaign through the media - or in any other fashion - to make money......ooops....'get justice' for their beloved son/daughter/father/mother/brother etc?

And does anyone think for a split second that the grieving families of WPCs Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes won't 'close ranks' and do exactly the same?

Ring any bells, folks?


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Capitals are for emphasis because italics don't always work on AB.

I genuinely tried to put some points to you, because you complained on another thread that people bully you and throw insults - and you've answered my post with personal insults.
Question Author

Dearie me, okay, if you feel that I've somehow insulted you, please accept my apologies. Maybe my Forces and Police experiences have turned me into a cynic? But still a well meaning one.
sp, I quote Epictetus, "It is not he who reviles or strikes you who insults you, but your opinion that these things are insulting."

The commonality here is that the Op can not stand or appreciate the opinions and nuances made thereof as he is dogmatically "correct" - I must add that this demonstration of such "arrogance" is often too symptomatic of those that have grown up within such a structured organisation as the Army, where the command must be obeyed and not challenged.

As proven over and over again, at large, ex military do not make for good democratic leaders - why - because they do not listen or take counsel well.
well I'll give him credit for apologising to sp......take counsel though of the advice below, kerosene, and you may find yourself not being got at so much. My other advice is think about more interesting angles for debate. For example, your question on the Captain could have provoked some fascinating debate if you had repositioned it as

"Given that there are huge issues with staff cut backs in the Forces, and growing concern on the plight of those leaving the Forces who end up living on the streets or in prison, in the sense that more investment is needed in society reintegration programmes and employment opening, all requiring money, is it right that the Forces continue to sponsor athletes to proceed into International Sport?
I think yesterdays 18:16 post is being proven as the day progresses!
Question Author

I'll respond now that you make some interesting and relevant points. Perhaps my position can at times seem rather entrenched, but that is because I passionately believe in what I'm saying. There are many other such strong willed, seemingly intransigent, individuals on AB, some of whom express their points of view with a baseness which, despite my 'hardening' over a number of years in uniform, I would still never espouse to another human being.

Particularly when none of us are even acquaintances, let alone friends, and it is indeed very easy to present a sort of 'public veneer' on these forums which may quite easily be nothing akin to one's true persona?

I accept that your eloquently phrased narrative is perhaps more easy on the eye than mine, although you have had the advantage of hindsight over me? But, yes, could I frame it in more of an objective manner, given the choice I may well have so done.

Hindsight's such a wonderful thing.
Well put sir.

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Murdered, Yet No Media Song&Dance.

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