Why contempt of court..??

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gordyagusta | 13:27 Mon 10th Sep 2012 | News
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If he holds these beliefs but keeps them behind closed doors then what is he guilty of..?

Discuss please...


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He's not guilty of anything. We are free to think what we like.
The possible contempt of court charge isn't because he holds those views, it's because the judge suspects he doesn't hold those views and is just saying it to get out of jury service.
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Just what i was thinking, regardless of his opinions, to be honest with the judge he now faces a contempt charge.....
Like Chuck says, the judge probably doesn't believe him. He also said that he'd vote with the majority to get the case over more swiftly.
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To voice his opinions makes him openly racist and homophobic, a much more serious crime than contempt.... If he is being honest then he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't...
It's not illegal to be racist or homophobic. It's not illegal to express that view either. It's how some people express it that gets them into bother.
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I hear what you're saying Ummmm, and I know that to be the case, this is one of those issues that i seem to be struggling to get my head round because of the judges stand on the situation. How can he be guilty of contempt, how can this be proved?
//He admitted that in his eagerness to bring any case to a swift conclusion, he would simply vote with the majority and not give his true opinion.//

Put the two together and it sounds like he just wants to get out of it.
How refreshing that someone's honest enough to admit they have certain prejudices. Not many would have such integrity.
He has essentially stated that having him on a jury in *any* case would undermine the implicit impartiality of the Jury system, and that he "...would be more than happy to speak to a judge regarding my personal views on the legal system, which I do not hold in high regard."

He has attempted to prevent himself ever being called for Jury service and presented such a water-tight and comprehensive case for never being able to do so, that the Judge is presently considering whether there is a case for contempt in this instance.
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Yeah, in the context of that statement it does give grounds for contempt, I failed to consider that because of the headlines, and think that he used it as an immature way to compound his stance....
Put it this way: If this guy did have to sit on a jury and you had a defendant who was either black, homo or lesbian, would you be confident of him being impartial?
No, I wouldn't.

And there will have been many hundreds/thousands of jurors in the past who have held similar views. Quite how they squared their decisions with their own consciences (if, indeed, they did vote according to their prejudices) is something we will never know.

However, they, at least, attempted to engage in the judicial process.....this chap is refusing to even do that.
The judge can refer the matter to whoever he likes but in the end it will be for the CPS to decide and I cant see them wanting to take this any further. I think this will be kicked into the long grass and we will hear no more of it.
His honesty should be applauded
Good for him.

There are certain groups of society I have issues with. If he is racist and homophobic then would you want him on the jury if you were on trial and were a black gay man?

In answer to the question. He is guilty of nothing. Some of us hate gay men, others hate Simon Cowell and a few more hate David Cameron. It is out choice. On the other hand if this guy is just lying to get out of jury duty then he should be punished.
Hating gay men and hating David Cameron/Simon Cowell? Can that really be compared?
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Thats my point grffn, how can a court prove he is guilty of contempt? To prove he is homophobic/racist he would have to commit either or both of the acts he describes himself as, therefore commiting another crime. I'm no expert in the legal system of this country but how can a court/judge make him prove he is a racist/homophobe without perjuring that possible/allowed?

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