What should be done with the people who hounded this man to death?

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NOX | 20:03 Sat 11th Aug 2012 | News
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Poor chap was wrongly identified as being one of Jamie Bulger's killers and in despair killed himself. Since he was hounded via email amongst other things it ought not to be too difficult to track down some of the culprits- so what ought to be done with them?



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I saw this and felt so deperately sorry for the poor man. Truly awful. My thought at the time, which will not be yours, is that Jamie Bulger's killers should never have been put back into society in the first place.
I agree Prudie, the authorities need to take some blame too.
nothing to do with the authorities, but with the godly folk of Wigtownshire. There are a lot of people around ready to judge others on the basis of blind prejudice and sheer ignorance.
He knew he wasn't Bulger's killer, so I think he may have had other problems that led to his suicide. What should be done about the people who hounded him. Nothing.
What's the ignorance bit - picking the wrong person?
Who let him out ?

No one would be looking for him if he was were he belonged.
I feel sorry for the man but agree that he must have had other problems.
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Seriously? You don't think a hate campaign is enough to drive someone to suicide alone? Similar thing happened in a village we lived near in Wales, same result- will vigilantes and those presiding over kangaroo courts never learn?
Mob mentality is a horrifying thing to be around in 2012. We are supposed to be civilised.

I think that men feel that being suspected as a sexual predator or killer of children is the ultimate insult (not strong enough a word) and for any innocent man to be hounded like this would have been intolerable.

These vigilantes are usually angry, uneducated scum who are not willing to listen to logic or evidence. They are scum.
What's the ignorance bit - picking the wrong person?

Precisely. Hounding an innocent man.
"He knew he wasn't Bulger's killer, so I think he may have had other problems that led to his suicide."

This seems a very ungromitlike comment. I imagine being unjustly subjected to a hate campaign by a bunch of self-righteous bigots might lead me to contemplate suicide.
James Bulger's mother Denise Fergus said she was 'shocked and upset' to hear of Mr Bradley's death and claimed he would still be alive if the identities of Thompson and Jon Venables were not a secret.

Hear, hear, Denise Fergus
Certain things that should be done to few people to make it a better society cannot be done in this country as yet.
That sounds a very sinister comment keyplus. What do you mean?
There is some sick criminals walking the streets of Britain but even sicker folk hounding the innocent for a laugh !
Moving away from the area would have been a far better option than suicide
keyplus90- are you referring to Sharia Law as the thing that can't be done "asyet"?
As others have said, this man probably already had problems. This hounding was the straw that broke the camels back.
Think back to the young mother of a handicapped daughter who killed herself and the child because of teenagers bullying her and the police doing nothing about it.
I remember a flock of vigilantes in Portsmouth (I think), who hounded a paediatrician because they mistook him for a paedophile; reason enough that this sort of thing can NEVER be condoned.

Keyplus - keen to know what the thing that "cannot be done in this country as yet" is?

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What should be done with the people who hounded this man to death?

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