Mitt Romney for President

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Gromit | 09:45 Sun 29th Jul 2012 | News
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US Presidential wannabe has just made a less than successful visit to our country. He was treated to a dinner at No.10 and staged a $2million fundraising event for his campaign.
But he also upset Dave and Boris when he questioned our readiness to stage the Olympics. And his team said the special relationship had suffered because Obama wasn't "Anglo-Saxon".


This is a difficult one diplomatically. The man is obviously a poor candidate, and extremely rude insulting us, yet he may soon be President.
What should we do with Mitt?


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Well they elected a Hollywood B movie actor,peanut farmer and George W "nut"Bush in the past so would it be a surprise?
Has he got nice teeth and hair?
he won't be president, this is the duffer year. 2nd term for Barry then the republicans will wheel out their real candidate for 2016, he/she will not even be known to many outside the elephant inner circle at the moment.
In a country ruled by guns and religion he is a perfect candidate.
Carl Lewis had the right opinion......'some of our fellow countrymen shouldn't be allowed out of America'. Priceless.
It sounds as though he had the same schooling as George W. He's rude and condescending. Not much we can do about him here. Hopefully the citizens of the U S of A have more sense than to elect him.
Everything he says is addressed to the American electorate, so while criticizing the British, and apparently making racist statements about the Palestinians might not go down very well with the British or the Palestinians, he only really cares about how his comments are received in America.
Well so much for Romneys disparaging comments about our Olympics, we p1ssed over their efforts over the last 30 years....a boycott in 1984 (LA) a shambles of a games in Atlanta 1996 and a corrupt Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002. Its all about placating the American electorate by deflecting critisism of whats going on in their own country by slating every other country. The man is a joke with a few skeletons in his own closet....that why he was less than forthcoming about his tax returns. Take no notice of him folks, he's an also ran who will be out of in the political wilderness this time next year.

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Mitt Romney for President

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