Alistair Burnet ex newsreader died

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Ann | 10:41 Fri 20th Jul 2012 | News
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Just been announced he's died after a series of strokes age 84. Doesn't it make you feel old? News report said its 21 years since he last read the news, seems like yesterday!


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Yes I thought that when I read when he last broadcast
I have always watched BBC news but when I did catch him I thought he had a dignity and gravitas in his presenting
I thought he had died years ago, but I must be mistaking him with another news reader who died at a much earlier age.

Does anyone know who that was?
I recall that he was on Panorama in the early 70s, but I don't believe he ever read the news on the the BBC. He was ITN, wasn't he...?
AOG - are you thinking of Reginald Bousanquet?
Yep - ITN x
All I know is there are people dying now who have never died before.
R.I.P. Alistair.

W Ron.
That's him mrs_overall, thank you very much.
You are welcome AOG
He used to be a favourite of mine
His adoration for the Royals always shone through his newsreading.

When the Queen Mum died, the present Mrs Hughes and I were on holiday in Malta and it rained every day, so we were forced to watch the funeral on Sky - there was nothing else on (well, 'forced' is perhaps a bit strong!)

We amused ourselves by intoning in voices as low as we could get, and imitating the AB gravitas - "God bless you Maaam ..." - it passed an afternoon.

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Alistair Burnet ex newsreader died

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