Trooping the Colour on BBC1

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cathfromsaron | 11:19 Sat 16th Jun 2012 | News
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anyone else think the commentary is back to the usual high standard!

no fearne cotton anywhere ...


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I agree......a fantastic performance.
11:20 Sat 16th Jun 2012
I enjoyed it too as I always do.
I was a bit disappointed when they didn't show all of the Spin Wheel, though....I really like watching that . What we got instead was a shot of Prince Edward looking out of the window.
The commentary was infinitely better than the Jubilee Pageant.
No comparison really.
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i loved the lovely horsies running home freely afterwards too!

cath x
There is no reason why we should not have Trooping the Colour even without a monarchy. If you look at the history of it, it was because many of the soldiers were foreign and had to be made conversant with the flag they were fighting under. Consequently the flag was 'trooped' up and down the rows of soldiers so that they would know it before they went into battle. Not required now, of course, with modern day battles. Nothing whatever to do with the monarchy. I do like it though, and when my husband was alive we could not miss it. It is certainly a remarkable sight.
jno He had no choice the government would not allow him and neither would the general public. It was also against the constitution.

I didn't ask jake for a written nomination .#Tell me if we had a president which of the current bunch of politicians would you choose.#
I asked for his choice which he has failed to answer. There are hundreds of well known names in politics and the unions and he won't/can't name even one he would like.
he did have a choice. He could have chosen not to marry Mrs S and keep his job. He chose otherwise.

The general public had no say in the matter, since they didn't know anything about it; the papers of the day (in this country) suppressed all news of it.
jno #The general public had no say in the matter, since they didn't know anything about it; the papers of the day (in this country) suppressed all news of it.#
" Didn't know anything about it ??? " It was common conversation in my parents home and we kids used to sing songs about her in the school.
I forget the exact words and there were variations all over the country.
Our version ended with '------------ Mrs Simpson been married twice before now she's knocking on our kings door. '
jno, i was going to add that, Edward abdicated, not got rid of.
and did a catch up, very stirring i must say, good coverage..
jno I've just remembered when we sang Christmas carols we used to change the words like
'Hark the Herald Angels sing Mrs. Simpson's pinched our King.'

The English news papers may have been reticent but the situation was still widely known as was his and her admiration of Hitler but that's matter.

em10 I think you are being a bit pedantic . I know he abdicated but that's like people who are given the option resign or be sacked . Stanley Baldwin also told him it could bring down the government because of the strength of feeling in the country.

The Royal Family are not free to marry anyone. Princess Margaret was not allowed to marry Group Captain Townsend and keep her title. She chose the latter . Edward viii was also told by the church there could not be a coronation with that woman. Princess Dianna was also told if she married
Dodi she would loose her royal status.
modeller, pedantic for saying that Edward abdicated. He couldn't marry the woman he wanted, so he decided that it was for the best. Those around may have had a hand in it, he could have ditched Wallis, but didn't.
Edward still chose to go. He could have stayed. His choice, not the public's. He was not sacked.
Agreed - much improved on the river pageant fiasco .... but still feel sometimes less is more .... too much talking over the ceremony, and far too much stating the bleeding obvious! How about a red button option to remove the commentary and just enjoy the sites and sounds and atmosphere without feel of inane comments.
commentary is good when it's borne of knowledge. That was the problem with the river pageant, the witterers who invade these light entertainment shows shouldn't be let anywhere near this type of occasions. I don't care for Huw Edwards either, but for the sake of the BBC better him than the others.
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thanks for replies

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Trooping the Colour on BBC1

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