Accused parents will not be attending funeral

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anotheoldgit | 16:28 Wed 13th Jun 2012 | News
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Was this the correct decision, taking into consideration that one is innocent until proven guilty?


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maybe not, but i suspect the lynch mob will be out in force on the day, and that the police don't want a riot on their hands.
One assumes that the police must have compelling evidence against them. No-one knows if there have been admissions during interview!!!
There was a good discussion on here a while back about it.

Many thought a private funeral for family only including the parents, not publicised in any way, would be a good compromise.

It would be wrong to allow them to attend such a public funeral as there would be plenty of 'vigilantes' trying to have a go at them. There would need to be more police than mourners.
I don't assume any such thing, furry.
If they turned up, it would become a media frenzy. Probably better that they don't attend...

However, if it transpires that the couple are completely innocent - then it would be absolutely tragic. To lose your kids AND not be able to say 'goodbye' to them.

Not pleasant at all. But due to the inconclusive situation, it could be arranged to delay the funerals until a later date.
the article does not say definitively if they asked and were refused, or whether they have decided not to attend. if the former, wrong decision, if the latter, right decision
Why is everybody sticking up for them, that man is pure rif raf. I bet they did it !!!!!
chaptazbru - keeping my fingers crossed that you're not sitting on the jury when I decide to commit a capital crime...

And so he might be chapta, but it doesn't make him a murderer.
We'll see .....
If they did do it Chap, do you think they intended to kill their children?
I'm sure chapta will answer for herself but the answer has to be No. The children were a source of revenue for them.
As has been said, if it was them, it was a stupid plan by even more stupid people, gone wrong.
I don't understand this revenue thing. Children are very expensive...benefits don't cover the cost of a child.
If they were not given permission to attend then it's probably for their own protection.
No, I don't think it is the correct decision.
I wouldn't know ummmm but life can't be that difficult or why would they have so many children?
You don't think they deliberately did it do you?
No, I don't think so. I think, if they did do it, it was an act of pure stupidity with devastating consequences.

People on benefits don't live a life of luxury (unless they're on the fiddle) I think they just get used to it.
Possibly a private graveside visit will be arranged If I were a reporter I'd hang around for a couple of days after the funeral just in case

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Accused parents will not be attending funeral

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