Gender Imbalance in India

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mushroom25 | 14:09 Wed 23rd May 2012 | News
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I saw this on the DM home page, but didn't read beyond the first line as I knew it would just make me cross. I've been looking for official figures, and have found that last year's census suggested that for every 1000 boys born, there were 914 girls; that's less than a 9% difference.

so is there really a problem involving the destruction of female offspring as the DM suggests? or is the imbalance small enough to be explained by natural variation, and so is the DM just off on a rant?


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off on a rant, IMO.
There may be. I believe there are also far less girls than boys born in China. Must be more than a coincidence.
in 2010 the CIA estimate was 984 girls to 1000 boys 1.6% thats a huge difference. 2011 at birth 107(male) to 100.
Even 9% is a fair number of folk with little chance of finding a permanent life partner. Almost 1 in 10 males. And one has to ask why it might be so.

Maybe polygamy would solve the issue ?
Having now gone to the link, the story is far more than just the imbalance isn't it.
Question Author
O_G, it may be that the story in the link represents more than just a report of an imbalance.
or does it?
all the "evidence" is anecdotal or conjecture. hence my question - is there a real problem? or is the DM speculating a terrible reason for what might just be a statistical aberration?
not just in India, not sure of those figures, but China is having similar problems.
In India it happens because people do not want girls because they are considered burden due to social reason and demands when time comes for their marriage. However in China it has to do with one child policy.
try China 113 men to a 100 women...last time I saw the number. Think through the implications, perhaps now beginning to emerge.
keyplus, no so about the 1 child policy, it has more to do with how girls, women are perceived. The abortion rates are horrendous. Something that is not widely put out. Mind you western societies shouldn't be smug with gender preferences on the rise. China and India are both waking up to the reality of these interferences.
//In India it happens because people do not want girls because they are considered burden due to social reason and demands when time comes for their marriage. //

Perhaps if these people made an effort to move into the 21st century and afforded women equal status, equal education, and equal choices, daughters wouldn't be such a burden to their families.
Maybe now the males in these countries are going to find it harder and harder to find a wife they might start treating women with a bit more respect.
pretty much in many parts of the world, you would think that being well into the 21st century they would be moving with the times. Sadly some are stuck in the mindset of centuries ago. Sad for the women who live in these societies knowing that their lives are dictated from the start, as inferior, second class at best and one that will be a life long strife.
ummm, exactly the point, the imbalance will be that many do not find a spouse, unless they move elsewhere. No more marrying first cousins, that can only be a good thing
Well done for finding an Up side to this dreadful story ummmm.
This is very real and as has been said it is to do with girls being considered a burden who have to be provided with dowries to get them married.
There are huge numbers of clinics in India that do ''Gender determination'' tests in early pregnancy then offer a termination if the foetus is female. China has the same problem. Boys are regarded as bringing prosperity by going out to work but girls are a burden who do not work and have to be found suitable husbands, in these 2 society's girls are seen only as child bearers.
Eddie, that view is taken in more than two societies - but I suspect you know that.
I wonder what the figures are for these communities in the UK?
venator , there is evidence that this occurs amoung the UK Indian/Pakistani/Chinese community as well. There have been reports that some clinics in the UK are offering ''gender determination'' tests to those communities with the option of a termination if the pregnancy is the 'wrong' sex. Termination of a pregnancy due just to the 'wrong sex' is illegal in the UK but they just make up a medical excuse to justify it.

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Gender Imbalance in India

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