Taliban Suspected Of Poison Attack

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Philtaz | 13:41 Wed 23rd May 2012 | News
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at a school in Afghanistan.

Why are we trying to negotiate with them? Whilst British and Coalition troops are dying on a weekly basis it's obvious what this country will revert to when the troops have left, as Karzai has already allowed legislation that will further repress women in the country and will continue to see them treated as second class citizens.


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Try whistling that in the music section.
I think they were in a music class Gromit

Birish troops and police officers were being killed every week in Northern Ireland. Then we started to negociate with the IRA and the killing stopped. Hopefully a similar outcome will come from these talks.
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This oversight has happened before Ed, can we have it moved to News, please?
Surely can't be too difficult?
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But the IRA weren't pathalogically against the education of females Gromit.
Try and get a sense of perspective of who and what we're dealing with here.
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And heinous though some of the crimes were, poisoning children wasn't on the IRA/SinnFein agenada as far as I'm aware.
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You about Ed? Any chance of having it moved to the correct section? After all, action is swift enough when there's owl behaviour or a thread about a thread being pulled!

Pretty please?
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Taliban Suspected Of Poison Attack

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