Ali G Home Town Goes Up Market

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Philtaz | 14:41 Sun 20th May 2012 | News
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Pretentious? Or shaking off a stigma?


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Should have called it St. Aines.
I really don't understand it, everyone will continue to call it Staines in the same way people refer to Kingston and Walton. The on-Thames bit is just an irritating waste of ink when I'm writing my Christmas cards!
longer names tend to be used to distinguish towns with the same name: Stratford upon Avon and Stratford not on Avon but in east London. Ditto the Bradfords. If there's no ambiguity, it'll probably continue to be called Staines.

The new name is nice, for all that.
I well remember Captain Pugwash and Seaman Staines.
Could have been worse, could have been SLOUGH
'Staines cum Reservoirs', 'Staines -by -Flightpath'...there are other names which wouldn't sound as naff or reek of middle- class snobbery and insecurity. Was Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced 'boo-kay') consulted ? The other 'upons' and 'ons' distinguish them from other places with the same name. Surely nobody who is buying or selling property in Staines thinks the addition means a higher price is commanded and pays accordingly or the place is any different from before.

If the place has a stigma, it won't because Sacha Baron Cohen had his character of years ago placed there.
I think it`s newspaper speak about Ali G. That film was years ago. Staines to me represents lots of reservoirs and the terrible Trident crash which put Staines on the map.
so it will now be SuT - which is a variant spelling of the word 'soot' so not really much improvement.

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Ali G Home Town Goes Up Market

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