Trayvon Martin Killing: Change Of Attitude?

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Philtaz | 12:27 Fri 18th May 2012 | News
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This story is changing from a 'white security guard shoots black kid over skin colour' cause celebre to one of self defence whilst being attacked.

When the story broke there were plenty (in the US) who jumped on the racist crime bandwagon, inlcuding one Senator who took it beyond his remit.

A supposedly model pupil has been found to have been suspended from school for cannabis possession and his autopsy provided evidence of it in his system. Witness statements and pictorial evidence have borne out the claims of Zimmerman that he was indeed subject to an assault.

But how many had Zimmerman tried and sentenced within days of the story breaking?


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30 years plus experience baz, also the last 18 living with someone who smokes it on a daily basis. I would say that is a vast experience.
Oh I didnt realise you have all that experience ?!

Of course two examples is more than enough to use as a generalization on the effects of cannabis in the general population
"30 years plus experience baz, also the last 18 living with someone who smokes it on a daily basis"

hardly something to be proud of though, is it !
Didn't say I was proud of it, just stating a fact. I can't stand the stuff myself so I don't smoke it. I would much rather be with a man who smokes cannabis than one who drinks alcohol to excess though.
Jno your a naughty girl :-)

No No Philtaz you carry on, tabloid sensationalism over scientific proof works every time
Doesn't cannabis stay in your system for days, it doesn't state how much they found so they can't say when he had taken it can they?
usual media witch hunt v whitewashing campaign methinks ...
Question Author
What tabloid sensationalism has there been in the UK of cannabis use Dave?

I'm merely pointing out the probable counter arguments that will be used by the prosecution and defence in this case.

I seriously doubt the defence would want to make a big issue of the drug use by Martin as you suggest but the prosecution will do so for character assassination purposes.
Rocky, it stays in the system for weeks.
Thought so Ummm, so they probably won't be sure that his last drag wasn't 3 weeks before he died.
You can test positive for cannabis having never smoked it yourself if you have spent a significant amount of time in the company of someone else who is smoking it.
So it's all pretty moot then really.
The outcry came, in the main, because the Police seemed to shrug their shoulders, accept Zimmerman's version of events and his claim of 'standing his ground' (self-defence) and did nothing to investigate the matter.

Had they carried out an immediate investigation, they may well have reached the same conclusion that the present drip-drip-drip of information is pointing towards........

The outrage stems from the seeming implication that shooting an unarmed black youth and then blaming the victim merited no undue concern in the eyes of the Police.
bazwillrun - when you're unsure of a subject, it's best to listen to those who know.

Spliffs chill you out, coke hypes you up and crack messes you up.

You don't need to be a druggie to know this.

Spot on.

Had the races had been swapped, you know exactly how certain commentators would have reacted.
hey sp, i suggest you start doing some research on the effects of cannabis, yeah it does chill some people but others....i dont want to spoil your reading

same as alcohol, different people different effects

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Trayvon Martin Killing: Change Of Attitude?

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