Qatada Legal Aid

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sir.prize | 11:42 Tue 01st May 2012 | News
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Our Government's legal bill since 2002 in attempts to deport Abu Qatada now stands at £825,000 and will keep going up.

This figure only covers legal fees incurred by those trying to send Qatada back to Jordan and does not include his own legal aid bill.

Should he be allowed legal aid - I would have thought his many handouts exceeded the qualifying threshold for legal aid.


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I would not give him a bean, however there is no wealth threshold for legal aid, Kevin Maxwell got legal aid for example.
Not only that but his lawyers are making a small fortune from the taxpayer. These lawyers must be as reviled as much as the bankers. They should be made to itemise their fees and a cap put on them.
I'm sure a hitman would have cost alot less than £825,000 ...... j/k by the way (???)
lawyers do itemise their fees.

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Qatada Legal Aid

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