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whiskeryron | 11:38 Fri 27th Apr 2012 | News
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I am aware that this subject has been debated before but as it was on R4 news this morning I thought it might be worth mentioning again ( if you can access the link read comments)

I feel that cyclists would be much safer away from other traffic, what are your thoughts about it being legal to cycle on paths & pavements bikes could be adapted to make a noise ( when I was a lad we used to have a piece of card that the spokes of the rear wheel made a sound like a motorbike.)



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After I had submitted I tried the link & it didn't work so I popped it in again & it did open up.

As a cyclist, I often do no use bus lanes especially in cities. I consider it to be very dangerous to share a lane with buses. I usually cycle in normal traffic and avoid the designated lane.

I do not think cyclist should be allowed to cycle on the pavement. If they are worried by a particular junction, they should get off and push their cycles on the pavement. If they are scared of general road traffic, they should not be cycling at all.

Regarding noise, the law is extremely stupid. All new cycles must be sold with a bell. But bells are not compulsory, so they can be taken off. Make bells compulsory.
Just seen your link.

That is a 6 years old news story and is about bike lanes not bus lanes. Entirely different kettle of fish.

The problem with allowing cyclists to ride on pavements will be the inevitable collision with pedestrians, say, coming out of shops. We'd have to look left and right to ascertain whether it was safe to go onto the pavement.

I think the problem boils down to this - all our existing (older cities) grew 'organically'. There was never a time when a Metropolitan organisation sat down and developed a 360 transport infrastructure which could equally accomodate public and private transport together with cyclists, pedestrians etc...

So what we have is a hodge-podge. Unless we're willing to rebuild great chunks of our cities, we will never have a satisfactory compromise between all of our disparate transport requirements.

If I lived in a village or a small town, I would certainly cycle - but wouldn't dream of cycling where I live now (north London). Just too dangerous.
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Gromit. I am aware that the article is 6 years old, I put the link in because I was directed there when researching this mornings R4 news item, some clown has suggested once again that cyclists should be allowed to use bus lanes. I ask you !!!!

As a regular walker it irritates me a lot when cyclists ride on the pavement. They belong on the road.

Cyclist are allowed to use bus lanes. You seem confused.
Todays news item was about Radio Cabs. They are not allowed to use bus lanes but Taxis are. The boss of a London Radio Cab firm has told his drivers to break the law and the firm will pay the fines.
No we don't want them on the pavements and we should start enforcing the current laws on cycling.
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Gromit I'm always confused.

I agree with d9.

Because of the recession there has been a big increase in people using cycling to commute. But there has not been much done to educate them. Cycling standards are very low and many are a danger to themselves and other road and pavement users. More should be done to improve cycling standards.

I have produced an information leaflet for cyclists which can be downloaded from here.

Question Author
Good on ya mate.
Got to hand it to you Gromit that leaflet is spot on, well done.
are the upside-down bits to read when you've been knocked off your bike?

That all seems to be good sense.
Addison Lee has now lost a government contract (but has others). I think this is right. They should not be encouraging drivers to break the law by promising to pay their fines.
Addison Lee were on the receiving end of an injunction from the High Court yestersday banning them from using bus lanes and paying the fines. Gromit - the voice of common sense when it comes to cycling. Well said.
When I am a pedestrian I tend to wander from one side of the pavement to the other, sometimes attracted by a flower or a bird I have just spotted. If a cyclist came up behind me and did not have a bell I think it would cause collisions.
When I am a cyclist I always ring my bell to warn other people of my approach. Not on pavements, but maybe on country lanes etc.
What Gromit said at 11:56. Well said.
bikes should never be on pavements, the next time one comes whistling past my ear will get a hefty whack with the shopping bag. It is illegal to ride on the pavement, and they break the law at their peril.

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Cyclists & Bus Lanes

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