Shakey wins his court case

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RebelSouls | 18:04 Tue 10th Apr 2012 | News
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After many years of being hounded by the BBC TV licence mob the hero of YouTube wins his court case. The story will probably be in the national press soon but you can read a shortened version here.


Well done Shakey.


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what annoys me is their bully boy and legally incorrect attitude. When I moved in here, I removed my TV and anything valuable from the house I owned and left it empty for 4 months pending us making the final decision to "commit". After I had been back to the house to collect my mail to find officious "we are going to prosecute you" letters and called them several...
19:27 Tue 10th Apr 2012
My brother was in an analogous situation, He had a tv but did not have an aerial and only used it for playing video recordings as there was in his opinion so little worth watching on live TV. He was persecuted by the TV licensing organisation who virtually demanded money with menaces and assumed he was guilty because they did not understand how anyone could live without TV. Whether or not the stress contributed to his premature death from 'natural causes' I wll never know, but I think the TV licensing authority should be aware of the harm that they do to some people (as if they would care).
good on him!

my daughter doesn't have a telly and gets letters every week! x
Yes indeed, I am in a similar situation. I do not have a licence, do not need one, have no television set. However ....deep they accept this , a resounding NO .
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jomifl that is sad news up and down the country innocent people are being hounded by these thugs, they do not care one little bit they just want their
£20 commission.

I wish i could put in print all what i know but i must keep it private. There is more to come out believe me.
RebelSouls, I've been here for quite a number of years - and I've seen many of your anti-BBC posts – but I’ve yet to discover what your grievance with the BBC is. Any chance of enlightening me?
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naomi24 I have explained it, It must have been removed or you could try reading my early posts.

I have known about his victory in court for a few weeks but i have had to wait for the green light before posting.
I have read that article and find it to be written in an agressive manner - makes you wonder how he dealt with the chaps that turned up on his door!
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The video clips of the visit were on YouTube for all to see.
I just wish that someone in government would grasp the nettle, stop all the nonsensical semantics of what constitutes 'watching TV' and say :

** "If you have a TV, or computer, or any other way of watching either live or 'catchup' TV then you must have a licence" **

By all means campaign to have the BBC funded from general taxation (or indeed advertising) - just don't dress up your pathetic avoidance of a properly and legally imposed licence fee with some sort of "martyrs against the establishment" carp.

< and for the avoidance of doubt, none of my vitriol is directed at people who genuinely don't have a TV - they should be left alone once they have confirmed that they don't need a licence.

Ironically the main reason they can be subject to undue harrassment is precisely because of the need to root out the freeloaders >
My dad was hounded for years before he died at age 95. They just wouldn't believe that he didn't have a TV. Dad was very deaf and found TV and radio just a nuisence. He preferred to read, do his garden and walk.
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Gromit I never saw any static picture on the original YouTube clip.
This thread has just reminded me- does anyone know how DrFilth is as he had an issue with TV licences and he hasn't been on for a while. I hope he's okay
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and for the avoidance of doubt, none of my vitriol is directed at people who genuinely don't have a TV - they should be left alone once they have confirmed that they don't need a licence.

sunny-dave if their equipment in the Seventies could tell which flat was watching
Columbo without a Licence surely in this day and age they do not need to come banging on your door late evening wanting to search your house.
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TV Licence Colombo ad
We all know that the 1970s detector vans were a fiction with a coat hanger aerial (or might as well have been) ...

There would be no need for the heavy mob if it was only a question of dealing with genuine cases of "no TV" - it is solely the ridiculous activities of the 'loophole' and straightforward avoidance brigade which have brought about the current unpleasant enforcement regime.

Get a life - just buy a licence ...
I note with interest that 'shakey' admitted to "cutting the aerial two months before the enforcement visit" ... why would he have needed an aerial cable at all if he never watched live TV ?
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sunny-dave Should all the people who DO NOT own a motor vehicle just pay for a road traffic tax disc to just please people like you
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why would he have needed an aerial cable at all if he never watched live TV ?

Should a person who has no car knock down his garage as he has ho need for it ?
Nope - I have said nothing to that effect - the correct analogy is that all people who use the roads should pay their road tax.

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Shakey wins his court case

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