Shakey wins his court case

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RebelSouls | 18:04 Tue 10th Apr 2012 | News
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After many years of being hounded by the BBC TV licence mob the hero of YouTube wins his court case. The story will probably be in the national press soon but you can read a shortened version here.


Well done Shakey.


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what annoys me is their bully boy and legally incorrect attitude. When I moved in here, I removed my TV and anything valuable from the house I owned and left it empty for 4 months pending us making the final decision to "commit". After I had been back to the house to collect my mail to find officious "we are going to prosecute you" letters and called them several...
19:27 Tue 10th Apr 2012
My brother who lives on his own does not own a TV or is remotely interested in any programme. He has a busy social life in a village and helps out in the Community so is hardly ever in at home. I dread the thought that he could be hounded like this poor man in the article. Can't they understand some people do not watch TV?
factor30 says "have never known anyone personally who has ever had a problem"

How many people do you know, who don't need, and don't have, a TV Licence?

factor30 says "they just tick the relevant box on the form and never receive visits from 'the mob'"

What form?
Hi- I mentioned before that my children who have left home don't have TV's (they just use a laptop and watch programmes later occasionally on BBC i player etc).
One told me he was sent a letter and says he ticked a box (to say he didn't have a TV/watch programmes I think)

I'm sure some people are hounded unfairly but I don't know of anyone who has been. I also am sure some people deliberately evade payment.
factor30 "One told me he was sent a letter and says he ticked a box (to say he didn't have a TV/watch programmes I think)"

Well, I've been licence free for 27 months+, and I've not had letter, with a tick to say you don't have TV, section.
Hi bedsit-bob. So have you had any letters asking about a licence? Have you had any visits from anyone? If not, I'm not sure now what your concern is
I've had 25 letters and 7 visits (that I know of).

Oddly enough, not one of those letters asked me anything.

They just contained statements, accusations, and threats.
sunny-dave says "If you don't like the law, then campaign to change it - otherwise be squeaky clean and prepared to prove it"

We don't need to prove it.

That's not how the law works in the UK.
I'm still chuckling at Even a Barmaid knows the law better than the BBC and Dave

Barmaid is a barrister.................
Even though I don't agree with it, I can kind of see an argument for reversing the burden of proof, in the interests of public safety, but to do so in relation to a TV Licence is, quite frankly, overkill in the extreme.

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Shakey wins his court case

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