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joggerjayne | 15:31 Tue 10th Apr 2012 | News
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In connection with the Amanda Knox/Meredith Kercher case, I always advocated a "read everything except the headlines" approach.

I read (all?) ten of the published books, and several electronic publications, both from the "definitely guilty" camp, and from the "definitely innocent" camp.

In keeping with that spirit, I urge you buy the new book by Meredith's father, John Kercher, due out on 26 April ... "Meredith: Our Daughter's Murder and the Heartbreaking Quest for the Truth"

John Kercher is a professional writer and journalist, so it should at least be well written.

ps. Please support the book trade by buying it from a book shop ... not from Amazon.


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I'll just wait for your conclusion...
so do you think knox did it then?
I won't be buying the book sorry, and you have maintained Knox's innocence all along, you haven't changed your mind?
I think Knox did it.
Let's not start again.

You can think what you want, in the eyes of the law she's innocent.
Thank you ummmm, I know I can think what I want - very kind of you to point it out !!!! whom do the royalties of the book go?

If it is to Amanda....FORGET IT.
You're welcome!!

This is a thread about John Kercher's book. Not another innocent/guilty thread.
Sqad, why would they go to Amanda?
Were you privy to all the evidence and thinks not. I think this one should be left to the verdict that was given. No point raking over old ashes.
ummmm.....are you saying that Amanda will not benefit financially for this book..........written by her Dad.
DT, this is book written by Meredith Kerchers father, not Amanda Knox's dad
sorry that should be to Sqad
ummmm/ apologies.
But ummmm you should know by now that threads often get hijacked, this one is no different to any other. Still say she did it !!
chapta, so do i...
Thanks em ....
I know em, my comment was to chapa....the point is that she was found innocent and speculation is that - and we do not have all the evidence.

Whoever wrote it in the family, good luck to them. She was wrongly imprisoned. And not forgetting the English girl's family - I do recall some blah about the Kirchers helping them as well.
Question Author
I don't want to reopen the guilty/innocent debate.

I do think that the people who've had the least opportunity to be heard have been the Kerchers, so I'm interested to read what they have to say.
I know your comment was to me. I have my opinion and you have yours. We are both entitled to our opinion.

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Knox Kercher New Book To Buy

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