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Davethedog | 10:06 Mon 26th Mar 2012 | News
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How many hospitals do you think you get to run for £250k, of course no money changed hands, because politicians tell the truth.

So I was just speculating, if you had paid an amount of money to get to the PM why exactly, surely not just the cintillating company and witty reparte


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Do wonder how much of the filmed fundraiser's talk was just spiel, a come on, to suggest that a donor who gave £250,000 was going to get results, when,in fact, the chances of their changing government policy, or making it, were non-existent. It's easy to see how the donor might think that , if he doesn't give what is really a very small sum for a rich man, he won't have a ticket in the lottery, as it were. What evidence do we have of Cameron being swayed by such a donation? It seems to be none.
After all, the influence on policy is whether the public will accept it. If it won't, the party's time in office will be short-lived. The interests of an individual will be overridden by that.
I tend to agree FredP

PoliticalParty "Would you like to make a donation?"

ProspectiveDonor "Don't know, what's in it for me?"

PoliticalParty "Not very much"

ProspectiveDonor "No thanks"
Question Author
However thousands do exactly that
If it went to help the country instead of lining the party coffers I wonder how many of these philanderers would contribute. I thought there was a case of 'BRIBARY' on the statute books making it unlawful.
And how bribary is spelt out:
Not like you spelt it then Rov :-)
craft, I was just thinking 'Shall I or shan't I?' - but then you beat me to it.
At least everyone has had the good grace to ignore "cintillating" and "reparte"... :-)
True Mark but rov did say "And how bribary is spelt out:"
But, Mark, it just didn't have the same delightful irony as Rov's comment somehow.
Dammit, craft has beaten me to it once again.


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