Muslim juror who refused to take veil off is ordered to stand down

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naomi24 | 10:39 Tue 20th Mar 2012 | News
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I’ve just been watching a discussion about this on The Wright Stuff. Apparently this woman was wearing western clothing, but had her face covered. Was the judge right or wrong to dismiss her?


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yes because otherwise how would they be sure it was her on all days of the trial... there was a potential for substitution
The judge was right.

It is the right of everyone including the Defendant to see the face of each juror.

In western culture, other than for H&S reasons, the only people who hide their faces are robbers and people with something to hide.

If someone cannot comply with something that fundamental they really should find a different culture to be part of.
She should have been prosecuted!!
Yes he was, as rowanwitch said, it could be anyone turning up couldn't it.
I can't personally see that it matters but it seems to be upsetting you Ratter. Exactly what do you think she ought to have been prosecuted for?
One way around it might have been for a female member of staff to confirm her identity at the start of each days proceedings
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Dressing modestly as befits here religious and cultural mores?
The judge was RIGHT in dismissing her. Who do they think they are? grr!!!
Someone who has a hang-up about people seeing their face must have rather distorted values and beliefs
* her not here^
Nox -it matters because its the Law and it matters because if she was that bothered about not showing her face I'm sure she could have been excused jury duty. The point about it being someone different every day though is ludicrous - a quick veil lift in private by a female officer could easily verify the identity of the juror.
Remember, if you want to get out of doing jury duty!
i agree she should have been made to remove it, or made to leave ... but i suspect that was the point of turning up in it... its a great way to get out of jury duty... lots of people do things hoping to be dismissed from being a juror...

also as many have stated on here, it is not essential that it is worn for any religious reasons ...they just choose to... an removing it causes no shame or harm or i see no reason to insist on keeping it on...

a lot of people have a fear of jury duty - they fear becoming a target for revenge by the family and friends, so maybe this had something to do with it...
She's not committing any offence Ratter!
Yes, the judge was right. Defence counsel would want to see the faces of the jury, to gauge how they are responding to the evidence, the witnesses, and points being made. Defence counsel has, in practice, no right to challenge any juror. Years ago, the defence could have reserved one of their challenges for her; exercised by simply saying 'Challenge'; without the judge intervening.
Sometimes a juror cannot read the oath, when literacy is important in a case with many documents. That juror will be stood down. That is practical , as this is.
// The ruling, which is thought to be one of the first of its kind in Britain, has sparked outrage.

Yesterday Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, said: ‘This is totally unacceptable. I really can’t understand why facial expressions could have any impact on the judge, the judgment or anyone else in a trial. It has no relevance. //

So if I turned up for jury service wearing a balaclava with just my eyes showing it would be ok then?
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I am totally and utterly sick of 'Muslim rights' in this country - if I went to a Muslim country and went out in a mini-skirt and tank top i'd be arrested and probably stoned -I could shout it was my right as a 'geordie lass' to go anywhere I pleased looking like a *** -but it would not make an iota of difference. These Islamic human rights idiots do themselves no favours -if you want to live in the middle ages go live in an islamic country full stop.
Judge was right.

I belong to a small local church in which we are required at all times to wear sunnies and a buff, pulled up over our noses.

I think I will be exempt from jury service.
Publicity seeking Muslims strike again!

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Muslim juror who refused to take veil off is ordered to stand down

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